Martin Freeman’s back in our latest TV ad, and it looks like he’s in a spot of trouble! Can V by Vodafone save the day?

So far, we’ve seen Martin Freeman interrupt a married couple’s first dance to learn that he can Roam-free in 50 destinations with Vodafone; help scupper a thief’s getaway with Vodafone’s best ever network; and fall in love while learning all about the joys of Vodafone Passes and Pay As You Go1.

And now he’s back, and on the run from some international spies! Or so it seems, at least…

Of course, Martin hasn’t really landed himself in a real life action movie, he’s just picked up the wrong backpack. Those ‘spies’ chasing him? They’re just the parents of the kid whose bag he accidentally picked up, of course.

Thankfully, this is one case of mistaken identity quickly solved with the power of the V by Vodafone app and our new V-Bag by Vodafone bag tracker. Without this clever piece of tech, Martin may well have made it to his final destination without noticing his half price paperback and snacks had been replaced with the latest kids tablet and precious cuddly toy!

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Always losing your things? Then the V-Bag by Vodafone is for you. Simply clip it onto (or put it in) your bag to keep track of it. You just need to grab a V Sim by Vodafone plan to get connected, and download the accompanying V by Vodafone app. Once you’re set up you’ll be able to track your bag if you lose it, and you can also set alerts to notify you if your bag leaves a designated area – like your home, work…even your local pub.

It certainly seems Martin’s action-packed encounter leaves him a little rattled, as he becomes very protective of his bag following the ordeal…

A somewhat insincere Martin then tries to make amends with the little girl whose bag he mistakenly took.

Looks to us like she’s having none of it! But all’s well that ends well – thanks to V by Vodafone, that is.

Want to keep track of the things you care about? You can find out more about V by Vodafone here, and check out our V by Vodafone range of products here.