We’re back with our pick of the best new and updated apps for you to download this January…

New year, new you, new phone? Time to fill that bad boy up the best apps that January 2018 has to offer! Yep: we’re back once again with our hand-picked selection of the very best new and updated apps that deserve a slot on your homescreen.

This January it’s time to free up some space, game on the go, and feel much more centred, thanks to an eclectic mix of essential new downloads…

Files Go by Google | Free, Android

Forever running out of space on your phone? Google’s got your back. Files Go is a new app designed to seek out the unnecessary files eating up your storage – be they videos, photos, downloads, or docs – and help you eradicate them. Better still, over time the app will learn what you need and what you don’t to make smarter space-saving suggestions.

Microsoft Mixer | Free, Android & iOS

The first of two Microsoft apps on our list this month, Mixer is the company’s answer to Twitch, acting as a game streaming viewer on the go. On Mixer, gamers can broadcast their streams to the community and receive live feedback on what in-game decisions or actions to take, making the experience less of a one-sided affair.

(Update) Xbox | Free, Android & iOS

Another one for gamers, this. The Xbox app for iOS and Android has just received a smart little update to allow Xbox Party Chat using your phone. This is a godsend for players without working Xbox headsets, as it means you can carry on your convos via your phone or tablet.

The Swift Life | Free, Android & iOS

Calling all Taylor Swift fans! The Swift Life, her the official app, is your one-stop-shop for everything Tay Tay. But it’s more than just an app, it’s a veritable social network in its own right; alongside exclusive video clips and extra content, an inbuilt social community lets fans gather to chat about all things Swift.

Dalai Lama | Free, iOS

If you’re feeling like you lack zen, maybe his holiness can help you out. This new, official app is packed full of Buddhist teachings and updates from the man himself. Just remember to use the app responsibly: “Whether technology’s effect is good or bad depends on the user,” he says. “It’s important that we shouldn’t be slaves to technology; it should help us.”

Fez: Pocket Edition | £4.99, iOS

Fez’s unique, perspective-shifting platforming made it a darling of the indie gaming scene, having garnered a massive amount of critical acclaim following its release on PC and home consoles. Now you can get in on the action wherever you go, thanks to a lovingly-made mobile port. Be sure to check out Indie Game: The Movie on Netflix for a look at the intense level of work that went into making it.

V by Vodafone | Free, Android & iOS

V by Vodafone is your window into a world of amazing new Internet of Things possibilities thanks to products like V-Auto by Vodafone and the V-Pet by Vodafone Kippy pet tracker. All of our V by Vodafone products are compatible with the app, and setting things up is super simple – you can use it to choose when each device is active, allowing you to manage everything easily in one place. Click here to find out lots more.

(Update) Uber on BBM | Free, Android & iOS

Now a multi-platform affair, millions of people still actively use BBM as their messaging service of choice. If you’re among them, you’ll be pleased to know you can now hail an Uber without having to leave the app. Just tap on the ‘Discover’ tab in the updated app and look for the Uber icon, and you’ll be on your way in moments.

(Update) Reddit | Free, Android & iOS

Reddit, the self-proclaimed ‘front page of the internet’, launched its own app in 2016 after many years of relying on third party solutions, and it’s just undergone a pretty large update. New features include the ability to view content in a swipeable landscape ‘theatre mode’, improved comment navigation, and a one-on-one chat feature. You’ll also now be able to open external links in your browser of choice – rather than the app’s inbuilt one – amongst many other experiential tweaks and upgrades.

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