How – and how much – do us we use our smartphones over Christmas? Check out our amazing raft of festive mobile facts to find out!

Christmas is a time for family, friends, food and good times. But, as we’ve been finding out, it’s also a time for smartphone fans to make the most of their new devices!

We recently put the feelers out to see how the UK spend Christmas Day online – compiling some surprising statistics and scouring the web’s leading sources for more – to come up with the ultimate list of festive phone facts. Here’s what we found…

1. Dinner pics rule the roost
Our research says we’re set to share a whopping 100 million photos of our Christmas dinners on Facebook, WhatsApp and other messaging services this year. Tasty.

2. We’ll really be spreading the love
In 2007, the average person fired off festive messages to four people on the big day. In 2017? That number will jump to an average of 25 people. You sociable lot, you!

3. We find our phones more interesting than Monopoly
There are a few peak times for using our phones throughout the day. 27% of us check our feeds during the annual Christmas walk, 17% of us glance while playing board games, and 23% of us glance during the Queen’s speech. Sorry, your Majesty.

4. Look after the pennies…
…And the pounds will look after themselves. Our research suggests one in five 24-34-year-olds will do online banking on the big day, no doubt hoping they can make it through to the next payday.

5. Christmas is a good time to look for love
Annoyed by the spate of Christmas Day proposals on Facebook? You’re not alone; roughly one in ten of us will indulge in a spot of online dating on Christmas Day.

6. Things start early
On average, the process of spreading the holiday cheer starts at 8.24am on Christmas morning; that’s when we’re most likely to send our first festive WhatsApp message of the day.

7. There’ll be mystery Cheer all round
Ever received a Christmas message from a number you don’t recognise? So have lots of us! Research says we get up to four mystery “Merry Christmas” text messages on 25 December.

8. The presents will come from smartphones, not Santa
How did you sort your shopping this year? According to, in 2016, a sizeable 31% of our online Christmas shopping was done on a mobile device.

9. We love to treat ourselves
Online shopping goes bananas on Christmas Day, as we take the time to buy ourselves the things we really want. There’s a 27% increase in people visiting sites specifically to buy a certain item. And this year, researchers predict we’ll spend an average of £81 each on Christmas Day this year, up 11% on last year, and mobile phones will be used to spend £2 out of every £3.

10. Mariah owns Christmas
In stats released by Spotify earlier this year, Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You was deemed to be the UK’s most streamed Christmas track. We also started our Christmas song streaming in earnest from 18 November.

11. Facebook’s festive bonanza
The Facebook app for iOS normally tops the App Store chart on Christmas Day, due to people downloading it on new devices. The site usually sees a massive spike in traffic on Christmas Day due to heavy sharing – and it’s been that way for a while. The first Christmas Day in which Facebook became the US’s most trafficked site was all the way back in 2009.

12. Christmas movies are going mobile
We all love a good Christmas movie, but not all of us will be taking to the big screen. In our research 13% said that they’ll be using their smartphone to watch a film on 25 December. Looking for something festive? Check out our pick of the best in Christmas movie streaming for 2017. , and be sure to grab a Vodafone Video Pass if you want to keep on streaming.

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