It's time to settle in for some festive film favourites. But what's available to watch? Here's our pick of the best Christmas movies available online...

What’s Christmas without the Christmas movies? We’ve only got one precious month a year in which to soak up all the cinematic festive feels, so it’s time to fire up your streaming service of choice and start gorging on the pantheon of classic Chrimbo flicks. The good news is, with a Vodafone Video Pass you can stream the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime to your heart’s content without paying a penny extra for data!

To celebrate, we’ve rounded up the best Christmas films available to catch wherever you go. Whether you’re looking to watch Macaulay Culkin foil some burglars, see Arnie become Turbo Man, or get swept up in an emotional roller coaster with Jimmy Stewart, we’ve got you covered…


Miracle on 34th Street

Richard Attenborough makes the perfect Santa in this 1994 remake, which ticks all the right boxes when it comes to making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The only question is: do you believe in Santa Claus?

Jingle All The Way

Arnie’s young son wants the hottest toy of the year for Christmas, but – wouldn’t you know it – he’s left it too late. Cue: a mad dash around town filled with calamitous scrapes and festive set pieces. Ridiculous, slapstick fun, the way only the 90s knew how.

Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas’s good-natured animated fun earns it one of the more recent spots in the Christmas movie fan-favourite list. James McAvoy voices Saint Nick’s titular son, who has to save the day when present delivery goes awry.


A darkly funny, brilliantly witty side-swipe at Dickens’ A Christmas Carol sees Bill Murray in his prime as the jaded TV exec who’s made one too many mistakes. Can he turn things around in time to win back the love of his life?

Amazon Prime Video


Will Ferrell’s turn as Santa’s oversized helper is a classic fish-out-of-water comedy, and a modern Christmas marvel all at once. There’s loads to love here, with Ferrell giving it his earnest all in the eponymous role without even a hint of irony.

It’s a Wonderful Life

The movie that tops most people’s lists when it comes to Christmas flicks. This 1946 all-time-classic puts James Stewart in the shoes of troubled family man George Bailey, who learns what life would be like if he never existed. Have the tissues ready for that ending.


Cute little Mogwai Gizmo opens the door to world of animatronic trouble in 80s cult classic Gremlins. Stick it on to show younger family members just how awesomely inventive special effects could be in the time before CGI… Just don’t feed them after midnight.

The Holiday

Schmaltz and smiles go hand in hand in this life-swapping romcom. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz switch homes (and continents) over the Christmas break, and each find love in their own, distinct way. It’s a guilty festive pleasure.

NOW TV Movie Pass

You’ll know by now that if you sign up to one of our Vodafone Red plans, you’ll get a NOW TV Entertainment Pass included*. While that’s great for enjoying some of the best TV shows, you’ll need a NOW TV Movie Pass too if you want to catch all these festive favourites…

Love Actually

The king of Christmas romcoms, Love Actually is absolutely teeming with top-drawer on-screen talent, and puts all of its stars to good use. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, silly ending and all.

The Grinch

Catch Jim Carrey is at his bombastic, (literally) rubber-faced best in this colourful retelling of Dr Seuss’s most famous story. The despicable Grinch attempts to steal Christmas, but will he pull it off?

Home Alone 2

Sometimes cruelly overlooked, this sequel provides the same kind of slapstick joy as the first, but ups the ante by giving young Kevin McCallister all of New York to run around in. And what’s more Christmassy than a snow-covered NYC?

Bad Santa

Definitely one to watch once the kids have gone to bed, this. Billy Bob Thornton has the time of his life playing the world’s sweariest, rudest and crudest mall Santa ever, who gets waylaid while plotting to rob the place employing him.

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