We’re back with our pick of the best new and updated apps for you to download this December…

We’re in the home straight now; the final month of 2017! And, as per usual, with a fresh new month comes chance to rifle through Google Play and the App Store to see what’s new, what’s essential, and what you need on your home screen.

This December we’ve got you more than covered when it comes to new apps, whether you’re looking to get creative, meet new people, or even win some cash. So, without further ado, here’s our pick of December 2017’s best new apps…

HQ Trivia | Free, iOS

HQ Trivia is making headlines around the world thanks to its pretty crazy premise: it’s a live, mobile-based game show that pits you against the rest of the world, letting you play for real cash. It’s gaining in popularity so much that some users have reported bugs and server issues, but we can forgive it for offering such a unique experience. Get it while it’s hot, and tune in at 9pm EDT (2am GMT, sadly) to win.

Facebook Creator | Free, iOS

Are you trying to cultivate an online following? If so, the new Facebook Creator app is for you. It’ll help streamline the process of creating and uploading video content (both live and pre-recorded), with options to add flourishes like intros and outros, alongside a focussed way to grow and contact your online audience. It’s the perfect toolbox for the video-making influencer in you.

Send Anytime | Free, Android

Ever wished it was possible to send someone a text at a specific time? Perhaps you’ve thought of the perfect reply to someone you’re newly dating but don’t want to seem too keen? Or maybe you want to text someone when you know they’ll be looking at their phone? Whatever the case, Send Anytime is the answer. Unlike similar apps that merely remind you to hit send at the time you specify, this’ll do the whole job for you; just write your message, pick a time, and schedule.

Waitlist | Free, iOS

Currently in open beta, Waitlist is an app designed to take the boredom out of waiting for flights. The idea is for users to log in when they’re hanging around the terminal, and find others in the same situation who’re willing to strike up a conversation. From there you can either keep things locked to a chat stream within the app, or choose to meet up in the nearest airport cafe or bar. Who knows; you could turn your thumb-twiddling wait into the start of a lifelong friendship.

The Adam Buxton app | Free, Android and iOS

Fans of Dr Buckles will be pleased to hear that the official Adam Buxton app – long teased on his podcast – is finally in app stores. In it you’ll find every episode of the podcast itself alongside bonus audio clips, silly songs, videos, jingles and info on upcoming shows. Unfamiliar with Adam Buxton’s work? There’s never been a better time to get yourself acquainted.

Skoog Skratch | Free, iOS

Skoog is a small Bluetooth-enabled cube with tactile buttons that acts as a fun, creative music-making device for people of all ages and abilities. Skoog Skratch, the new accompanying iOS app, lets you record sounds and samples on your iPhone or iPad and beam them wirelessly to your Skoog’s different buttons, giving you an endless set of musical possibilities. Time to let your creative juices flow.

Mosaic | Free, Android and iOS

HBO and Steven Soderbergh’s wildly inventive Mosaic is part app, part TV show, part choose-your-own-adventure book. Use the app to watch episodes of the titular show, then pick which characters you’d like to side with – events will unfold differently based on whose version of events you choose to unpick. You can then dive even deeper with news clippings, voicemails, pictures and info, until you get a full picture of Mosaic’s multi-layered story.

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