Limit your spend, not your usage with all new Pay as you go 1 and never spend more than £1 a day…

Stay in touch as much as you like and never spend more than £1 a day! With Christmas just ‘round the corner, we’ve got an early present for Pay as you go customers and it’s called Pay as you go 1

Pay as you go 1 puts you in complete control of your mobile spending. You’ll enjoy unlimited minutes and texts, plus 500MB of 4G data a day with a daily spend limit of £1. It works on a pay-for-what-you-use basis, so if you only send one text that’s all you’ll pay for. And, if you don’t your phone at all, you won’t be charged a penny!

No hidden costs. No unexpected extras. Find out how you can limit your spending without limiting your usage with all new Pay as you go 1…

How does it work?

When you pick up your phone to call, text or browse, the last thing you want to think about is your credit. With Pay as you go 1, you never exceed more than £1 a day. It’s the ultimate worry-free usage. So how can you make your credit last longer?

Once you opt in its 20p/minute for calling, 20p/text and 20p/5MB data. You pay for what you use until you reach £1, after that it’s free for the rest of the day! Only send one text in a day? That’ll be 20p. Send 500 texts and spend an hour on a call? That’ll be a pound.

If you try to dial a number not included in your plan in the UK – such as a premium number or long-haul call – we’ll let you know before you go ahead. You can even use your phone just as you would at home anywhere within our Europe Zone. And, because you pay in advance, you’re always in control of your credit. Wave bye-bye to hidden costs and unexpected extras!

If you’re a Pay as you go customer, you can opt into Pay as you go 1 by calling 41146 free from your Vodafone mobile or go online. Just remember, you’ll be automatically opted out of any Big Value Bundles, Extras or Freebies you currently have and their allowances won’t be available once you’re on Pay as you go 1.

If you’re a new customer, simply go online or head into your nearest Vodafone store to pick up a Pay as you go 1 SIM card and pop it into your phone to get started.

Christmas offers

But wait, there’s more! Crazy as it may seem, Christmas is already just around the corner. And because staying close to the ones you love is what the festive season’s all about, we’re making it even easier with great deals on handsets.

Pick up a Vodafone Smart First 7 or Doro 5030 from only £15. Get your hands on a Nokia 3310 before 27 November for only £39 or grab a Vodafone Smart E8 anytime for just £45. You’ll need to buy a £10 top up with any phone you choose and opt in to Pay as You go 1. Then you’ll be able to keep in touch as much as you like for less!

So what’s not to love?! Pay as you go 1 is great news for those of you who want to be able to keep in contact with loved ones this Christmas, and stay safe in the knowledge you have more flexibility and control of your spend.

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