It's finally time to pre-order Apple's iPhone X. Here's what makes it one of the most exciting phones ever made, and why it deserves to be in your pocket...

After an agonising wait, iPhone X is now available to pre-order from Vodafone UK, letting you bag a spot among the first in the world to own Apple’s slim slice of the future. As we’ve already mentioned here on Vodafone Social, iPhone X is a stunning smartphone, but why else should you want it in your pocket?

Luckily, the beauty is more than skin deep on this one. And to prove it, here are ten reasons to make iPhone X your new pride and joy…

1. That striking 5.8-inch screen
Everyone knows that a bigger phone screen means more room to let apps, games and videos shine, but you’ve never seen anything quite like the display on iPhone X. Its edge-to-edge, OLED, near bezel-less design lets the device get out of the way and your entertainment shine like never before.

2. A powerful processor
The A11 Bionic chip is, as you’d expect, the most powerful mobile processor Apple’s ever made – but it’s much more than an incremental step up from older generations. In fact it’s a real beast. It’s 22% faster than the already blazingly-fast iPhone 7, for starters, but – in some tests – it even bests the Core i5 chip found in Apple’s entry level Macbook Pro!

3. Smart dual camera tech
The dual 12-Megapixel cameras on the back of iPhone X allow it to capture some really cutting edge smartphone shots, especially in the newly enhanced Portrait mode. Here, the two cams work together to get information about what’s in the foreground (your subject) and what’s behind, letting you blur out the background and add some seriously studio-rivalling after effects.

4. The fun side of Face ID
Apple says Face ID is the easiest, most secure and speediest way to lock and unlock a smartphone ever, but we’re interested in more than just biometric safety. Because its dot-mapping tech is able to create a virtual map of your face in real time, iPhone X allows for some next level Snapchat filters alongside Apple’s new ‘Animoji’ feature in iMessage, which transplants your expressions onto the face of a raft of cute animals.

5. Fluid gestures in iOS 11
iOS has always been a dream to navigate around – Apple’s had its ease of use nailed since its very first iteration back in 2007. But with iOS 11 on iPhone X, things get even simpler thanks to a smattering of new gestures. The lack of a physical home button means you need only swipe up to go to your homescreen, or left and right to move between apps. It’s about as slick and intuitive as UI navigation gets.

6. Apple’s ARKit
Also new with iOS 11 and iPhone X (and iPhone 8) is ARKit, Apple’s foray into the world of Augmented reality. Simply put, it allows for a hugely improved augmented reality apps and experiences that overlay information and images on top of the real world when viewed through your iPhone X’s display. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

7. Wireless charging
Apple’s decision to imbue both the iPhone 8 range and iPhone X with Qi wireless charging is great news for phone fans everywhere. Qi is the same standard used by Samsung and a host of others, and Apple’s clout means we’ll soon start seeing charging pads pop up in more and more places, from coffee shops to airports and everywhere in between.

8. Water resistance
Whether you’re a touch accident prone or you’re just wary that the Great British weather can never be trusted, you’ll be pleased to know that iPhone X is IP67 rated, meaning it’s able to withstand a dunk in a metre of water for up to 30 minutes. In real world terms? It’ll survive the odd drop in the toilet with ease.

9. You can grab bags of entertainment at no extra cost!
When you pre-order your iPhone X from us on a Red Entertainment Plan, you’ll be able to choose from a subscription to Spotify Premium, Sky Sports Mobile TV, or a NOW TV Entertainment Pass at no extra cost for up to 24 months! That’s a whole heap of entertainment on the go.

10. You can grab yours with 10GB of extra data!
Pre-order your iPhone X Vodafone UK today, you’ll not only be grabbing one of the best looking smartphones ever on our best ever network, you’ll also be able to nab yourself 10GB of extra data each month*. Oh, and we’re the only UK network to give you 2 years extended warranty!

Pre-order iPhone X today! Be among the first to own Apple’s bezel-less beauty, by pre-ordering yours from Vodafone UK now.

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10GB Extra Data: Available on iPhone 8, 8 plus & X on selected Red Extra and Red Entertainment Pay monthly consumer plans only (16GB and above), when purchased between 15.09.17. and 20.12.17. Extra data is applied within 5 days of handset despatch date or completion of network transfer, and then monthly up to a maximum