All set for a new season of zombie-battling action in The Walking Dead? If you can't remember what happened last year, here's the lowdown...

Hear that sound? It’s the shuffling of a thousand undead feet marching towards us. Yep; The Walking Dead is returning to our screens for its eighth season, ready to fill your screens with screams – both at home and on the go.

But what went down last time round? If some nasty zom’s been nibbling on your brain, you might be struggling to remember the twisting, turning, and gruesome events of TWD season seven. That’s where we come in; here’s a crash course to bring you ambling up to date…



The Walking Dead season 7 in a nutshell

Cast your mind back to the finale of season six and you’ll remember the shock ending in the form of a big mystery: who did Negan kill with his infamous barbed baseball bat? As season seven opened, we got our answer: Abraham was Negan’s latest unlucky victim, but he wouldn’t be his last. Therein began a gory series of events that saw fan favourite Glenn killed, Daryl taken hostage and main man Rick (almost) having to relieve Carl of an arm.

Meanwhile, stragglers Carol and Morgan found themselves in ‘the Kingdom’ a community living under the thumb of the Saviours and set up by the enigmatic “King” Ezekiel, whom Carol quickly found friendship with after healing her wounds.

Now a hostage, Daryl was tortured by Negan’s ‘Saviours’ and eventually offered a place among them, one he turned down the offer on grounds of, you know… Their being largely an insane group of murderers.

The Saviours then made a trip to Alexandria to duly pillage its supplies, while a shellshocked Rick gave up any semblance of leadership among the survivors.

Back at Hilltop, Sasha, Maggie, Enid and Carl argue with Jesus and Gregory about who should kill the Saviours and how, eventually settling on a plan to find out where Negan lives. This plan hit a snag when they find Negan there at the Sanctuary, ready and waiting to meet the crew. Impressed at his moxy, Negan takes failed assassin Carl on a tour of the camp, before heading them off yet again, back at Alexandria.

Ready to meet another band of would-be walker food? After falling off a bridge, Tara soon wakes up ashore at ‘Oceanside’ – a camp solely occupied by women and children at Negan’s behest. No prizes for guessing what happened to all the men. Oceansider Cyndie helps Tara back to Alexandria, but does so on the grounds that she never mention the place to anyone there.

Then, as we hit the season midpoint, it was time for more people to die. Negan opts to stab Spencer, causing a scuffle which also claims the life of Lucille and Olivia. The Saviours then leave Alexandria with Eugene as hostage, while the rest of the crew – newly escaped Daryl included – reunite at Hilltop. Rick, after all this time, finally snaps out of his funk and decides it’s time to fight back.

A minor battle ensues between the two groups, and our heroes push the remaining Saviours back out of Alexandria. They’re then introduced to Ezekiel at the Kingdom, and form an uneasy alliance, while Rick brokers a peace with the Scavengers in exchange for guns, hoping they’ll join the fight against Negan and the Saviours, too.

While this is going on, Eugene’s making life at the Sanctuary work for himself. He befriends two of Negan’s wives, who ask him to make poison pills for them to use on Negan. Eugene makes the concoction but refuses to give it to them, Stockholm Syndrome clearly having taken hold.

We’re nearing the end of the season now and things are heating up. In a ‘tribute’ from the Kingdom folk gone wrong, the Saviours kill Benjamin – prompting Morgan to kill Richard for intentionally messing up the deal – while Sasha gets herself captured attempting a daring Negan assassination.

In need of more weaponry, Tara goes back on her word and introduces Rick’s group to the Oceanside crew, who begrudgingly agree to help out. Sasha, now Negan’s captive, takes her own life with one of Eugene’s poison capsules, while everything builds to a climax at Alexandria. The Scavengers double cross Rick (turns out they’ve been working with Negan in secret), and an all-out battle begins between them and a combined group of Kingdom, Hilltop and Alexandria survivors. The bad guys are forced to flee, the battle won, but the war is just beginning…

The Walking Dead season 8: How and when to watch

TWD’s eighth season kicks off in the UK on 23 October on FOX. You can catch all the action at home or on your travels with a NOW TV Entertainment Pass, available with any Red Entertainment plan* from Vodafone UK.

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