Eyeing up a new iPhone? Here are the apps and games that show what Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone X can really do...

If you’re eyeing up an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X, you won’t be disappointed with what Apple’s latest hardware has to offer. From improved cameras and displays, to thunderously powerful new chipsets and the overall sheen of iOS 11, there’s a lot to love.

But our phones are only ever as good as the apps they run. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few of the best apps for taking advantage of the various bells, whistles and features on offer to new iPhone owners…

The Machines
Takes advantage of: Apple’s ARKit
Like Apple’s iPhone X, The Machines isn’t quite ready for release just yet, but the game – demoed live on stage at the Apple keynote event – demonstrates what augmented reality done right can do. It’s been made specifically for the iOS ARKit platform, letting it turn any tabletop into a living, breathing battlefield that you explore with your phone screen, and upon which you can direct your squad of mechs to enter into battle.

Takes advantage of: Face ID’s scanner tech
Snapchat’s masks are already a barrel of laughs, but they’re going to get taken to the next level on iPhone X thanks to the dot array projector that powers Face ID. With the phone capable of mapping your face’s movement in incredible detail and in real time, the next generation of Snapchat masks will cling to your face like never before – no matter what expression you pull.

Asphalt Xtreme
Takes advantage of: A11 Bionic Chipset
The de facto mobile game series when it comes to pushing smartphone graphical power – and the one most reviewers go to when it comes to testing a phone’s gaming performance. Asphalt Xtreme boasts near-console-quality graphics as you tear your racers around detailed courses and tight turns. If any game will let you show just how hard that A11 Bionic chipset can work, it’s this.

Takes advantage of: Portrait mode
With the amazing dual camera tech on offer in both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Portrait Mode is now better than ever. Apple’s gifted both phones a set of new skills to automatically judge the lighting and landscape in a scene,adjust the settings to match, , and even remove the background completely. And with all that camera quality, you need a photo-sharing platform deserving of your resulting shots. 500px (online and in app) is like Instagram built for pros, and crucially it lets you sell your shots as prints. Time to make some cash from your mobile artistry?

Apple Notes
Takes advantage of: iOS 11
Ok, so Apple Notes may come baked into every iPhone by default, but how seriously do you use it? With improvements aplenty in iOS 11, it’s high time you started using Notes as your go-to life organiser. In addition to writing, drawing and organising things by folders, Notes now lets you include tables, scan and sign documents, and more. Got a Mac or an iPad? Everything you scribe will sync across all your Apple devices like magic.

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