Grabbing yourself a brand new iPhone? Here's how to make the transition from an Android handset as slick and smooth as possible...

Just pre-ordered your brand new iPhone? If you’ve spent the last few years living and loving the Android life, you’ll no doubt be wondering how best to move your all-important data from one phone to the other.

Well, wonder no more: here’s your step-by-step guide to making the switch from Android to iOS…

How to move your data from Android to iOS

The good news? Things have progressed a lot since the time when getting a new phone meant spending a whole day painstakingly re-entering all your contacts by hand. In fact, Apple’s gone ahead and made the process slick and simple with an app called ‘Move to iOS’.

And because it’s made by Apple, Move to iOS is by far the best and simplest way to go about making the switch; here’s how it works, in five easy steps.

2. Start setting up your iPhone
Turn on your shiny new iPhone and start following the initial setup process. You’ll soon get to a screen titled ‘Apps & Data’, which will present you with a bunch of different options about where to get your info from. Tap on ‘Move Data from Android’ and then press continue.
3. Enter the code
Open up Move to iOS on your Android phone and skip past the first couple of intro screens. If everything’s shipshape and your devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, your iPhone will soon display a code. The Android app should then present you with a screen to input that same code.
4. Choose what to transfer
With the code inputted, your two devices will form a temporary connection. On your Android phone you’ll then be prompted to choose what it is you’d like to transfer, including messages, photos, contacts, calendars and browser bookmarks. By default, everything will be set to transfer.
5. Sit back
With everything ready, your two phones will start making the transfer. Obviously it’ll take longer to do the more you’re moving over, but either way it’s probably best to make sure you’ve got a good charge on both. Once it’s done you’ll just have to do a couple more steps on the iPhone’s standard setup process.

And that’s it! Your new iPhone should now be set up and ready to go with all your most important stuff carried across. Easy as pie.

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