Browsing, streaming or gaming online? Make the most of your mobile with these top 10 ways to use 10 GB of mobile data…

10 GB certainly sounds like a decent data allowance, but what does it mean IRL? To celebrate the fact we’re giving you 10GB extra data when you buy a Pay monthly 8GB Red plan (or higher) with any iPhone – old or new – (grab yours here), we’ve rounded up 10 of the best ways to enjoy 10 GB on the go. Time to pick up your phone and get streaming…

1. Watch the football (around 450 MB per 90-min match)

The Premier League table is heating up, and with loads of mobile data at your fingertips there’s no need to miss a fixture. With 10 GB you can live stream up to 12, 90-minute football matches per month. That’s a whole heap of on-field action on the go, but you needn’t be confined to one sport. Our Sky Sports Mobile TV pack 1 gives you unlimited access to Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports News and Sky News channels all on your phone. Plus, by upgrading to pack 2 you can add Golf, Cricket, F1 and Football. Find out how to get in on the action and start streaming sports today.

2. Video call your mum (up to 3 MB per minute)

We know every time you FaceTime mum you get a close-up of her earlobe, but with 10 GB of data, there’s plenty of time for both of you to finally nail the art of the video call. In fact, you could shoot the breeze via video call for 50 hours and counting. Forget “Gotta go, my data’s low”. For all the parents out there – you’re welcome.

3. Take a virtual holiday (around 7.76MB per day)

Summer holidays may be over, but don’t let that stop you travelling. Download the newly redesigned Google Earth app on iOS or Android to orbit the world in 3D, go for a virtual wander in Street View, or explore unique sites in Voyager. Our personal favourite is the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, where we’ve been entertaining our aspirations of space exploration with views usually restricted to NASA astronauts and employees. Where’ve you been lately?

4. Update your wardrobe (10-25 MB per hour of browsing)

In need of fresh threads for the new season? Shop from the comfort of the train, café or park using your smartphone. While you will dodge the queues, you won’t be alone – over 87 per cent of Brits have tried it. The most popular online purchases may be electronics and digital media, but clothing and footwear follow close behind while 11 per cent of the population also do all their food shopping online.

5. Tune into your favourite podcast (approx. 60 MB per hour)

True crime, comedy, politics, TED Talks and more – whatever your podcast preference, 10 GB of mobile data equates to over 6 days of solid listening. That should be more than enough to see you through. May we recommend this selection of popular picks from popular podcasters?

6. Become Insta-famous (around 720 MB per hour)

Okay, so there’s a whole lot more to social media success than mobile data, but it does provide a solid basis. Consuming around 720 MB of data per hour of constant use, Instagram one of the most data-hungry social media apps out there – compared to Snapchat at around 160 MB and Facebook at up to 160 MB. But with 10 GB of mobile data, you could scroll, comment, post and update your Insta stories for over 13 hours a month! Start by sharpening up your smartphone shots with expert tips on composition and lighting.

7. Watch an episode or two (around 1 GB an hour in SD)

Pick up a NOW TV Entertainment Pass and stream your favourite series on the go. With hits including Ray Donavan and The Walking Dead, as well as over 250 binge-worthy box sets, there’s plenty to see you through your commute or lunch break. See our top picks for this month.

8. Listen to your favourite artists (around 50 MB per hour)

10 GB of data sounds pretty good when translated to hours of listening. In fact, it’s a whopping 200 hours of quality tunes from a music streaming service like Spotify. You can also use your data to download playlists and listen offline – perfect for lengthy plane journeys. Pick up Spotify Premium on one of our Red Entertainment Pay monthly and SIM only plans. Click here for more information.

9. Outplay real opponents in Vainglory (from 10 MB per match)

As we wrote last year, eSports has made the move from PC to mobile and it couldn’t be easier to get involved. A 20-min match of popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Vainglory will set you back just 10 MB, meaning technically you could play 1,000 matches a month. Get good enough and you could win real prizes. Click here to start your eSports journey.

10. Write a Yelp review (10-25 MB per hour)

Waiting for a friend? Help others find gems by leaving a review on Yelp, Trip Advisor or Google. Chances are you consult at least one review site before picking a restaurant or destination, so why not give back? Sharing’s caring, and it takes minimal data.

There are oodles of ways to use mobile data – we’re only just scratching the surface. Stay well connected with an iPhone Red plan that suits you over on the Vodafone UK website.

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