From Sir David Attenborough in 360 to a solution for uncommunicative teens, we’re back with all the apps your smartphone needs to see you through the next month…

It may be the final weeks of summer, but the apps are still red hot. Check out this month’s must downloads, including the latest from Lonely Planet, a way to get creative without leaving a mark and a new game from Ironhide…

BBC Taster VR | iOS, Android, FREE

Taster is the home of BBC’s new ideas and the recently launched app BBC Taster VR brings you closer to the action than ever before. With a range of animated VR, interactive 360° videos, 3D sound and branching narratives that let you decide the story, it currently features content from BBC Three and Planet Earth II. The app is in its infancy, but it’s certainly something the BBC is hoping to develop. So, grab yourself a VR headset; the best is yet to come.

Replaio | Android, FREE

Free online radio player Replaio puts over 30,000 stations in your pocket so you can tune into tunes and talkback from right around the world. Listen to your favourite online and AM/FM stations, or use the ‘Explore’ feature to discover new ones. It even features a built-in radio alarm clock, a history of all the tracks you’ve heard, reminders for your favourite programmes and Spotify integration. Sounds pretty good to us!

Trips by Lonely Planet | iOS, FREE

Having launched Guides in 2016, Trips is Lonely Planet’s second app and it could just be your new go-to if you’re into travel snaps. This app essentially lets you curate your own travel guide by combining photos with maps and text, rather than bombard your social followers with all your travel pics. Once you add your photos, Trips auto sorts them by time taken and geolocation. You can keep your trips private to share with family and friends, or make them public to inspire others, while you search vacation inspiration across categories from wildlife and nature, to ruins, road trips and more.

Travellite | Android, FREE + IAP

Once you’re back from holiday, it’s time to think about where you’re headed next. With Travellite, you can keep track of the countries you’ve visited on a map, add photos and notes and see statistics – such as the percentage of each continent you’ve covered – before booking your next trip.

Mirage World | iOS, FREE

Try your hand at graffiti without fear of legal retribution. Mirage World lets you create and leave interactive digital compositions overtop of the physical world, so the only ones who’ll see them are those who have the app. Simply snap a photo of a real-world landmark and adorn it with gifs, emojis, photos and more before posting it to that location. Include a hashtag to help others find it via Twitter and upvote the mirages you like best to extend their stay beyond the 24-hour set.

Iron Marines | iOS, Android, Due 14 Sep

Prepare to defend your galaxies and conquer the universe in the latest from the team behind classic tower defense game Kingdom Rush. Due for release on iOS and Android 14 September, Iron Marines requires you to recruit and train the greatest heroes in the galaxy, lead them into dangerous missions against near impossible odds and unleash their mighty powers and abilities. While it shares a lot of the same look and feel as the Kingdom Rush saga, it promises to incorporate a bit more strategy. So get ready to do some serious thinking as you work to secure the skies.

ReplyASAP | Android, From £0.99

Sick of your teen ignoring your texts? London-based dad Nick Herbert was, and it prompted ReplyASAP. With his son always leaving his phone on silent Nick decided to create an app that would take over his screen and sound an alarm, regardless of the sound setting. In order for the app to work, one person (the parent) must download the app and gift it to another (their child). Once they accept, it’s fully operational and both parties can sound alarms on the other’s phone as needed. Nick says it’s less about forcing the recipient to respond and more about forcing them to see the message that you type: “It’s pretty useful in deciphering between a text about the location of Ben’s socks, or a message that he’s locked out of the house.”

*UPDATE* Telegram Messenger Preview| Windows Phone, FREE

The beta version of Telegram Messenger for Windows Phone has just been updated, making it very SnapChat-esque. With a brand new ‘self-destructing-picture’ feature, you can set a timer on pictures being sent, making them disappear once the time period is up. If you’re lucky enough to have the preview version, you can access the feature now. But it won’t be long before it’s rolled out to the full version. We say watch this space.

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