Say so long to summer holidays; the new school year will soon be upon us. Set yourself up for success in 2017/18 with these handy apps to help with your studies as well as a range of fantastic deals for existing customers on additional tablets and phones…

Summer may almost be over, but heading back to school needn’t be boring. Whether you’ve got kids heading off to primary, heading to high school or tackling tertiary studies, we’ve rounded up eight of the best free apps to get their academic life in order.

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Don’t Leave It! | iOS, FREE

Settling into a morning routine can be a struggle, and there’s nothing worse than forgetting your keys/wallet/sports kit/text book/lunch/insert item here to put a dampener on your day. Enter Don’t Leave It! A boon for the absentminded, this app makes use of geofencing (marking areas using your location) to create fields around your home, school, workplace or other. You can then set location-based reminders for items you might forget. When the app registers you’re 30 steps away from your home, for example, it will send you alert – allowing you to duck back for anything you have forgotten and eliminate the hassle.

My Study Life | iOS, Android, Windows Phone, FREE
Make the transition from seaside to classroom much more manageable with this handy calendar and planner. Unlike a paper diary, My Study Life lets you store all your class information, assignment details, homework and reminders in the Cloud and seamlessly sync between devices so you can study on the move. You can schedule reminders for upcoming classes, exams or tasks, while its colourful, no-nonsense interface allows you see all the info you need for your day, week or month at a glance.

MyHomework | iOS, Android, Windows Phone, FREE
Similar to My Study Life, MyHomework is designed to keep your academic life in order. From primary to high school – and even university, its clean and clear UI enables you to keep track of all your homework, tests and projects, assign priority and input all your classes to ensure you always know where you’re meant to be. A must-have for those heading into secondary.

Photomath – Camera Calculator | iOS, Android, FREE

Struggling with your sums? Photomath has the solution – literally. Simply scan any maths problem with your camera and Photomath magically reveals its answer, alongside step-by-step instructions for solving it yourself. The app supports a wide variety of maths problems, from integers to quadratic equations, trigonometry and more. It even recognises handwriting, and it allows you to edit problems in the app as you go thanks to a ‘smart calculator’ function. Use your new powers wisely.

Periodic Table | iOS, Android, FREE
Budding scientists will be in their element with this interactive periodic table from the Royal Society of Chemistry. Incorporating a range of informative podcasts, videos and photos, alongside an interactive slider and the ability to sort the table for quick access to data, it truly does bring the elements to life. As the only periodic table you’ll ever need, it’s a must-download for everyone – from absolute newbies to seasoned chemistry experts.

Quizlet | iOS, Android, FREE
Nail your revision with this handy flashcard app. Whether you’re creating your own or choosing from the millions designed by other users, Quizlet provides a great way to boost your recall and monitor your progress. You can race against the clock, share your study sets with classmates, and even input your deadline to receive study reminders with the recently-added ‘Learn’ feature. As you progress, the question formats, difficulty and frequency all vary to ensure you pass your next test with flying colours.

Oxford Dictionary of English | iOS, Android, FREE

We’ve touched on maths and science, but what about those essays? Featuring over 350,000 words, meanings and phrases– and updated for 2017 – the Oxford Dictionary of English app is the most comprehensive English language reference available. It’s an essential companion to compulsory texts, and a great asset for sharpening up your vocab and spelling ahead of any looming exams.

Study Break | iOS, FREE
If you’re prone to procrastination, Study Break’s the app for you. Simply select how long you’d like to study for, set the timer and put your phone down. If you pick your phone up again before the study period is over, you’ll receive an alert reminding you to get back to work instead of losing focus. Study too much? It can help there too by reminding you to take breaks at regular intervals. Plus, a stats page keeps track of the hours you study – perfect for those who like to crunch the numbers.

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