Looking for a little extra with your home broadband? Choose us, and you can walk away with an amazing tech goodie at no extra cost!

We all love a good deal. But what about a good deal on top of a good deal? That’s what you can get right now at Vodafone if you opt for our awesome Unlimited Fibre Home Broadband, since we’re throwing in the chance to choose from four amazing tech treats (RRP £199) to sweeten the deal. And if you’re all kitted out with tech, then you can always choose a £75 prepaid card to spend on whatever your heart desires.

Read on to find out how you could save money on your home broadband, and walk away with an amazing gift on us!

A good deal, better

Vodafone Unlimited Fibre Home Broadband is one of the cheapest out there when it comes to fibre, especially as we were the first to abolish line rental charges on fibre broadband. But all of our Unlimited Fibre Home Broadband plans are amazing value, offering blisteringly fast speeds, unlimited usage and come with no upfront costs and no line rental.

Need some proof? Here’s what’s on offer when you join us:

Unlimited Fibre (up to 38Mbps)
£25 per month + £0 upfront + £0 line rental + choose a gift, on us, worth up to £199

Unlimited Fibre (up to 76Mbps)
£30 per month + £0 upfront + £0 line rental + choose a gift, on us, worth £199

But hurry, you’ll need to sign up to Unlimited Fibre Home Broadband before 11 September 2017 to be able to choose from one of four cutting edge tech gifts worth up to £199, or a £75 prepaid card! Here’s what’s on offer:

Sonos PLAY:1 Wireless Speaker

Available in black or white, the PLAY:1 is a small-but-mighty smart speaker that connects over WiFi, letting you send music to it from every major music service (including Spotify) via your phone or tablet. What’s cool is that if you take a liking to it and then want to add to your Sonos collection, you can put two in one room for immersive surround sound, or dot them around the house and send music from room to room with you.

Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Wireless Headphones

If you’re looking for a more personal audio experience, these cracking wireless Sennheiser headphones could be just the gift for you. Don’t let their simple styling fool you, though: this is a serious set of cans with rich, deep sound. Like to listen to your tunes on busy trains? Sennheiser’s state of the art ‘NoiseGard’ tech active noise cancelling technology will silence everything around you.

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit’s Charge 2 activity tracker is the ultimate evolution of its heartbeat-sensing, fitness-monitoring watches. By combining it with the Fitbit app on your phone you’ll be able to track (and improve) everything from your daily steps, to food and water intake, to more rigorous exercises like runs and bike rides. The goal here is to see your resting heart rate lower over time – the fewer beats per minute, the healthier you are.

TomTom Bandit Action Camera

If your dream weekend consists of careening down a mountainside or jumping out of planes, then the Bandit Action Camera from TomTom is your dream companion. It’s a rugged, waterproof cam capable of recording in 4K resolution, with a dedicated app that lets you edit, upload and share your adventures in just a few minutes. Going on a long one? The built-in battery can handle up to 3 hours of continuous HD footage.

£75 prepaid card
Don’t fancy any of the above? No worries! You can grab a prepaid card with £75 credit to spend on whatever you fancy!

Get going… To find out more, head over to vodafone.co.uk/broadband. Or click here to see what other goodies lie in store for Vodafone Home Broadband customers.