Pay as you go at Vodafone UK just got a whole lot better, with new features that make your minutes, texts and data go even further. Here's the lowdown...

Pay as you go at Vodafone UK has just had a huge tuneup, bringing you the opportunity to get more than ever from every top up. So what’s new? Here’s the lowdown on our three big changes…

1. Total Rollover

No one likes waste. If you think throwing a half-eaten meal in the bin is a crime, then you’ll probably feel the same about ending a 30-day Pay as you go period by waving goodbye to your unused data, minutes and texts.

This is why last year we became the first network in the UK to offer data rollover, letting Big Value Bundle customers carry over their unused Megabytes and Gigabytes. It was a great first step, but you know what would be even better? Being able to do the same for your unused minutes and texts, too.

Well, the good news is that’s exactly what Total Rollover – which launches today (10 Aug)– is all about! From now on, anyone who tops up to renew their Big Value Bundle within their current 30-Day period will be eligible to carry over their unused allowances. It’s that simple!

2. Big Value Bundle changes

Total Rollover isn’t the only Pay as you go shakeup. We’ve also been tweaking our Big Value Bundles to ensure there’s one to suit everyone’s needs, including adding a bundle for just £5, which offers 100MB of 4G data, 100 minutes and 250 texts.

Need loads of data? Our £10 Big Value Bundle now comes with double the data (1GB), while our £20 offers you 6GB and with our £30 Big Value Bundle you get a whopping 20GB , giving you bags to play with every time you top up.

“We’ve also been tweaking our Big Value Bundles to ensure there’s one to suit everyone’s needs.”

3. Roam without worry

Got a holiday planned for August? We’ve recently abolished European roaming charges, which means you can take your Big Value Bundle with you – and use your included minutes, calls and texts – at no extra cost in 50 destinations. If you’re going further afield we’ve got you covered too; we’ve reduced our rates in places like the US and Australia down to just 10p per Megabyte of data.

And that’s it; new, improved and supercharged Pay as you go!

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