Looking for a camera app to replace the one built into your phone? There are loads out there, but here are the ones that deserve your attention...

If you’re looking to take your smartphone photography game to the next level, you might want to think about ditching the snapper that came baked into your phone in favour of a third party camera app.

There are oodles to choose from – each one offering improved options, smarter settings and modes for different kinds of shooting – but there are really only a few that warrant a spot on your homescreen. Ready to take better snaps? Here’s what you’ll need…


ProCam 4 | iOS, £4.99

If you’re getting serious about smartphone photography, you’ll need an app that unlocks all your phone’s inbuilt abilities. ProCam 4 does exactly that, offering a gazillion presets as well as unfettered access to settings like shutter speed, ISO (light sensitivity), focus, and white balance values, as well as the ability to output RAW image files.

Filmic Pro | iOS, £14.99

Trusted by friend of Vodafone Social, Sean Baker – director of the award-winning shot-on-iPhone film ‘Tangerine’ – Filmic Pro is a top tool for photographers and videographers who want to give their iPhone shots that extra bit of professional sheen. Scratch beneath its surface and there are a wealth of options and manual controls here for budding artistes.

NightCap Camera | iOS, £1.99

Apple’s iPhone camera is already pretty good in low light, but NightCap Pro blows the stock app out of the water by putting all the tools needed to take great night shots front and centre. There’s a smart AI mode for choosing just the right exposure and focus, alongside tailored modes built for astrophotography and light trials.


ProShot | Android, £3.36

There’s lots going on under ProShot’s hood, but it’s kept from being confusing by a nicely minimal heads up display. As the video shows, the app’s as deep as you want it to be – letting you control white balance, shutter speed and light sensitivity among loads of other settings – but it also gets out of the way when you just want to take a quick snap.

Open Camera | Android, Free

Open Camera’s a complete, fully-featured replacement for your stock camera app that offers deep controls as well as a few fun extras. Alongside manual controls for things like ISO, exposure, focus, and the ability to auto-stabilise your shots, you can set the app to take a snap when you make a certain noise or say a set word (‘cheese’, anyone?). Oh, and it’s completely free.

A Better Camera | Android, Free (Plus IAP)

You’ve got to admire the branding here. A Better Camera lives up to its name by giving you two interfaces to choose from – Easy and Pro. ‘Easy’ declutters the screen, offering up a super simple shooting environment. Pro mode gives access to ISO and all the other serious settings you’d expect, as well as time-lapse, night, group, panorama and burst modes, to name a few.

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