From games and tricks to image editors and trivia, we're back with our round-up of all the smartphone apps you need this month…

Whether you’re after a new spin for your summer snaps or something to count on your next road trip, it’s time to freshen up your home screen with these awesome mobile apps for August.

Mammals on the Road | iOS, Android, FREE

Count roadkill to aid conservation? It may sound morbid, but surveys officer at the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES), David Wembridge, says doing just that is essential to monitoring populations and comparing data year-on-year. The Mammals on Roads survey takes place between July and September annually. People are asked to track mammal sightings during car journeys of 20 miles or more outside of built-up areas – perfect for those summer road trips – and the new app makes it even more engaging thanks to audio descriptions, background info and insights into the lives of Britain’s rural critters.

Silly Walks | iOS, FREE

Brought to you by the studio behind fast-paced action game Breakout Ninja, Silly Walks is set for release 10 August. Based on the (rather odd) premise of helping animated food items through a maze of virulent household hazards, the game uses a one-touch mechanic to plant your characters’ feet as they swing from right to left. Fancy yourself a bit of a pro? Simply swipe the screen to go faster and race through the levels.

WhoKnew?? | iOS, £0.99

Did you know 150 people per year are killed by coconuts? Or that crocodiles can’t move their tongues? Brush up on your trivia and impress your mates with this random fun fact generator. Found a fact that’s blown your mind? WhoKnew?? also gives you the option to share your faves.

Loopsie |iOS, Android, FREE

Wow your friends with photographic wizardry in the form of new app Loopsie. Loopsie lets you create your own cinemagraphs, combining photo and video in one. Once you’ve captured a short clip within the app, simply draw on any areas you’d like to animate to see them come to life – the rest will remain static resulting in an unexpected, arresting image. You can then share your creations to Instagram and Facebook directly, or simply save them for yourself. Either way, you’ll have a lot of fun experimenting with Loopsie’s mind-boggling effects.

Curve Text On Photo | Android, FREE

Imaging apps are always popular, and now you can add extra interest with curved text that sits along a line you draw. The perfunctorily-named ‘Curve Text On Photo’ lets you draw freestyle with your finger, or select the shapes you’d like your text to follow, before choosing from one of the 100+ fonts. You can also add emojis and apply effects like shadow, inner shadow, reflection and more to make your words stand out.

BeatMaker 3 | iOS, £19.99

If you’ve read our piece on electronic music production, this Intua app will be right up your alley. Building on the best bits from Beatmaker 2, the Beatmaker 3 app combines the power of traditional desktop software and real hardware into a single production studio. It’s Ableton-esque workflow lets you perform and shape your ideas quickly, while an impressive library of exclusive content instantly enhances your productions as you experiment with different genres and fine-tune your sound.

Phoney+ | Windows Phone, £1.69

While we can’t condone dishonesty, sometimes a well-timed phone call is just what you need to escape tricky situations. With the ability to schedule fake phone calls from callers of your choosing, Phoney+ provides just that. Rest assured, the app doesn’t actually make phone calls – it just makes it look like your phone is ringing. From hurrying up lengthy meetings to ending awkward encounters it might just be a social life saver.

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