Today, we released our brand new network ad starring Martin Freeman. Want to know who else stars and if any of his food survives the heat? Read on to find out…

If you’ve been following some of our recent network updates here on Vodafone Social, you’ll know that we’re working tirelessly to improve our network.

Whether it’s investing £2 billion in our network so you can do more of the things you love; bringing 2G and 3G coverage to some of the country’s mobile not spots through our ROSS and CISS programmes; or by expanding our 4G network, we’re committed to making your experience of our network the best it can be.

If you’re already an existing Vodafone customer, you’ll know that our Network Satisfaction Guarantee is a great way of testing out if our network is for you – and if for any reason it isn’t, it’s simple enough to walk away before your 30-day trial is up. You’ll also get 250MB of data (once a month) if you give us feedback on our network performance via the My Vodafone app.

The Chase

After returning from the overseas wedding, Martin Freeman is back in our new advert campaign, demonstrating that our network really can save the day in an action-packed situation. We’re celebrating the fact you can get outstanding indoor mobile coverage on our network – something Martin is dubious about at first but soon comes to realise his partner in (stopping) crime has full bars of coverage, even in an unassuming location!

Set in a car park, Martin simply wants to pack his shopping into his car in peace, ensuring his prawns are kept fresh. Unfortunately, a high-speed car chase interrupts this, but luckily for Martin a fellow shopper and Vodafone customer uses our most reliable network ever to call the police, saving the day.

Martin returns with his brilliant comic style that brought him fame in The Office and Love Actually, rest-assured this advert focuses on quintessentially British humour, which will have you in hysterics yet again.

But the most important question is, will he save his prawns? Watch to find out!

For those of you thinking you recognise the lady who saves the day, it’s because she’s Chanel O’Grady from Footballer’s Wives, played by actress Dominique Moore.

And the thieves? They’re Rob Knighton – who you may know as ‘Mordred’ from Guy Ritchie’s 2017 King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, and stuntman Derek Lea, who, if you watch closely, may see pop up in Titanic, Saving Private Ryan, and Gladiator!

And as if all the above wasn’t enough, you can find Martin doing something the Police Officer finds rather annoying…

For those of you with keen ears, yes that is ‘The Liquidator’ by Harry J AllStars that Martin is dancing to in the social video. A bit of trivia for the local pub quiz – it’s a catchy pre-game Chelsea Football Club tune.

And find out if any of his food survives the heat…

Did you spot the cameo in that last one? That’s right, it’s our very own Kye Prigg, Head of Vodafone UK’s mobile networks. Check out what he has to say about our network.

Find out more… about how we’re investing in the UK network to grow our 4G coverage and ensure you’re well connected.