We’re back with our monthly round-up of essential downloads. Read on for all the apps you need on your home screen this July…

Whether you’re keen on coding, seeking a spot of nostalgia or just trying to decide where to meet your mates, we’ve got you covered in our monthly wrap-up of the best new apps. Read on for all the latest and greatest apps you need this July…

Grasshopper | Android, FREE
Looking to develop your coding chops? This handy app for Android lets you learn the basics of computer coding in just five minutes each day. Dip your toes when you’re standing in line, waiting for an appointment, or even just during the ad break and you’ll be programming like an (almost) pro in no time. With Grasshopper, you pick and choose the lessons to suit your style, with a heavy focus on learning by doing – rather than reading – and feedback to guide you along the way.

Sonic the Hedgehog | iOS, Android, FREE

SEGA fans rejoice! Sonic is back and he’s joined by four other classic Mega Drive titles: Comix Zone, Phantasy Star II, Kid Chameleon and Altered Beast as part of the SEGA Forever collection. Free to play on iOS and Android, SEGA’s labelled the games “a celebration of nostalgia,” and it should certainly bring back memories as you race across classic zones at lightning speeds, collecting rings and saving the world from Dr Eggman (or Dr Robotnik, if you were a 90s kid). Play without ads for an additional £1.99, and be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming releases – SEGA promises to roll out two decades of gaming favourites.

Infinity Merge | iOSAndroid, FREE

There’s nothing like a puzzle game to see you through a long commute or queue. Train your brain with this new addition from Infinity Games by matching blocks that have the same number of dots, shape and colour, until you reach Infinity. Challenging, but relaxing, the premise here will be familiar to anyone who’s played 2048 or Dominoes Puzzle. In fact, you may find yourself rapidly ascending to ‘expert mode’ for more complex and challenging play.

Binky | iOS, FREE

We’ve all been there: you’re mindlessly scrolling through social media waiting for your friend to show up when, suddenly, you’ve come to the end of your feed! What to do with idle fingers? Simple, just open up Binky. This somewhat ridiculous new app features an endless feed of random images that you can favourite, share, swipe, comment on and scroll through to your heart’s desire, only… No action you take will have meaning. Like a fidget cube for social, Binky’s creators say it “gives you the incessant micro-thrills of scrolling through stuff, never knowing what’s coming next, without all the hassle.” It eliminates the risk of liking your ex’s post, reading depressing news stories or being confronted by holiday pics when it’s pouring outside. Social media without ramifications? That’s bound to achieve a few likes.

Fidget Spinner | Windows Phone, FREE

Speaking of Fidget Spinners, it was only a matter of time before the craze went digital. Now you can spin away to your heart’s content with this new offering for Windows. You have five swipes to set the best turn you can and collect rewards to unlock new spinners. Be warned, it may seem simple, but it’s highly addictive; you will want to collect them all.

Aivon – Artificial Intelligence Image Identifier | Android, FREE
Like Shazam, but for stuff, Aivon uses artificial intelligence to identify objects, facial expressions and objects. Handy for those times you just can’t remember that celebrity’s name, or gauge whether you’re looking at a smile or a grimace. Simply snap a pic and – as well as identifying what you’re looking at – Aivon will offer up helpful information. This one’s currently in public BETA, but the premise is impressive and its developers are keen on any feedback to help the app improve. Get involved.

Read Across the Aisle | iOS, FREE

With all the talk of fake news, media bias and social media algorithms, how can you be sure you’re getting a balanced view of global issues? Read Across the Aisle is just one of a number of new apps out to challenge your reading habits by identifying the political orientation of the sources you favour, providing a cumulative overview of your reading history and suggesting alternative angles to ‘burst’ your ideological bubble. Political ratings are based on public opinion, polls and supporting data, and the app actually got its legs through Kickstarter, where it achieved full funding in just a few weeks.

Meetie London | Android, FREE
Sick of arguing over the best place to catch-up? Because ‘central’ is not central to everybody, new app Meetie makes it easy to identify the most convenient meeting spots for you and your London-based friends. Simply input the Underground, Overground, DLR or Crossrail station that each person in your group is travelling from and Meetie’s London algorithms will split travelling time equally – or ensure no one is travelling an excessively long way. Whether you’re living in London or visiting friends, Meetie is a smart addition to your planning. However, it doesn’t take service disruptions or delays into account at this stage, so you may want to pair it with Citymapper or a check of the TFL website.

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