Can't wait for Game of Thrones season 7? Check out the amazing fan theories that could very well reveal where the show will go next...

Game of Thrones season 7 is just around the corner, which means we’re well into uncharted territory – the show’s now racing ahead of the books. So what does that mean for hardcore fans? Well, without the words of George R.R. Martin to steer their course, many have turned to positing their own wild theories on what comes next.

There are millions of these plot-exploding notions out there, but is there any weight to them? Have the online message boards really guessed the end of Thrones, just as they correctly unravelled Jon’s true parentage ahead of last season’s big reveal? Allow us to sort the foreshadowing from the conjecturing, and lay down five of our favourite possible GoT plot twists. Tinfoil hats at the ready…

1. The fall of the Wall

Remember when the Night King somehow touched Bran during a vision, leaving a mark on his arm and allowing the White Walker army to track him down? Well, the latest trailer for season 7 shows Bran back in Winterfell, and some fans think that mark will also allow the Night King’s hoard to make it over or through the Wall and into Westeros after him. There’s even talk of the Wall falling, as hinted by Jon’s remark to Dolorous Edd: “Don’t knock it down while I’m gone.”

Even more excitingly, some theorists believe that there are ice dragons locked away in the Wall. George R.R. Martin once wrote a children’s book called The Ice Dragon and, what with the series’ name being ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, it makes sense that there might exist an antithesis to Dany’s now plane-sized Drogon.

2. Sam cures Ser Joreh

What’s Sam going to do in that epic Citadel library? Ostensibly, he’s there to school up and become a maester, but if you’re looking at things from a more plot-driving perspective, chances are he’s there to discover something useful in the fight against the white walkers. One such – seemingly likely – plot candidate is that Ser Joreh, on the hunt for the cure for Greyscale, will stumble into the Citadel.

The theory goes that Sam will uncover the secret to reversing Greyscale’s effects in one of the library’s ancient books – helping Joreh fulfil a more meaningful purpose than forever wandering around offscreen. Now, if only Sam could find a cure for having to row a small boat for all eternity, maybe Gendry could come back.

3. Bran built the Wall

Ok so, stick with us on this one. We’ve already seen that there’s some crazy time-travel antics woven into Thrones’ story; as Bran’s powers have increased he’s not only had that spooky ‘did he hear me just then?’ moment with the young version of his dad, but he also helped the young Hodor become Hodor. The less said about that whole tragic can of worms the better.

But here’s something really interesting: according to the books, both Winterfell and the Wall were built by a mysterious guy called ‘Bran the Builder’. So, naturally, there’s a theory suggesting that eventually Bran will go back in time – possibly accidentally – and make sure the Wall gets made, while also establishing the whole ‘there should always be a Stark at Winterfell’ thing. Think that’s a bit farfetched? Check this passage from A Clash of Kings:

“Durran would have none of it. A seventh castle he raised, most massive of all. Some said the children of the forest helped him build it, shaping the stones with magic; others claimed that a small boy told him what he must do, a boy who would grow to be Bran the Builder.”

4. Dany and Jon are both the ‘Prince that was Promised’

The Prince that was Promised. Azor Ahai. Whatever you call it, we’re staring down the barrel of a good old fashioned prophecy – one which says that someone will be born with the power to kill the White Walkers, just like what went down thousands of years ago. The smart money’s always been on that being either Jon or Daenerys, but why not both?

Not only are they both related (Dany is Jon’s aunt, remember), but both of them have some of the matching requirements from the prophecy (being ‘born’ under a bleeding star, for instance – Jon literally and Dany figuratively). More importantly though, Jon, a Stark who spends most of his time in the North, is metaphorically ‘of’ Ice, while Dany is clearly ‘of’ fire. Is it their song we’re listening to? If this theory comes true, expect an alliance to end all alliances.

5. Jamie kills Cersei

One of the main reasons Cersei hates Tyrion so much is due to the prophecy told to her as a child by the witch Maggy. The part about her children all dying has already come to pass, so the last bit must have her pretty spooked: “The valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.” Valonqar is High Valyrian for ‘little brother’, which Cersei has always took to mean Tyrion. But what if she’s wrong?

We know from prior musings that Jamie was born after her (gripping Cersei’s ankle, no less), so could he end up taking her life? If Cersei continues to grow more and more evil, it’s easy to see Jamie having to repeat his ‘Kingslayer’ antics to stop her, even if it means killing the only person he’s ever loved. And his sister to boot.

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