It's #NationalSelfieDay! So what better day to take a look at the very best selfie phones out there?

In 2017, even the most ardent selfie protestor wouldn’t dream of grabbing a phone without a great front-facing camera. They’ve become such a necessity that smartphone makers are imbuing the front of their devices with sensors and tech to match those found on the back.

And as today is #NationalSelfieDay we’re investigating which ones offer the most megapixels for your money? Which of 2017’s smartphones have it going on up front? Here’s our pick of the five best selfie phones in existence today…

Samsung Galaxy S8

Great for: Focussing on friends
Samsung’s always been at the forefront of mobile camera technology, with its last few Galaxy handsets sporting best-in-class sensors and lenses. But while most of the web’s camera tests focus on its stellar rear-facing cam, the selfie camera on the Galaxy S8 is also a bit of a stunner.

It’s a new 8-Megapixel configuration, loaded with tech. Smart Auto Focus is the coolest thing here, which tracks all the faces in every shot and keeps everything crystal clear no matter how near or far people are – a rarity on selfie cams. On top of that there’s a raft of fun SnapChat-style stickers and masks, as well as a beauty mode to smooth out any wrinkles you’re not too fond of.

Huawei P10

Great for: Mimicking that ‘DSLR’ look
As with the Samsung Galaxy S8, much has been made of Huawei’s (dual-camera) setup on the back – but that’s not what we’re interested in here. Luckily, the P10 is no slouch up front. Its 8-Megapixel sensor handles low light well and also includes facial tracking, but with the added bonus of Huawei’s new ‘Portrait Mode’.

Available on both front and back cameras, Portrait Mode mimics the ‘Bokeh’ effect you get from a traditional DSLR – that is, keeping the foreground in focus and blurring the background. Combine that with a beauty slider to soften things up, and you’ll never look better.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Great for: Detail
The Xperia XZ Premium’s gorgeous 5.5-inch, 4K display is its standout feature, which makes viewing photos and videos an absolute pleasure, but what does its front-facing camera bring to the table?

In short: detail. The XZ Premium’s selfie snapper is a whopping 13-Megapixel, 1/3.06” sensor, which is a better setup than you’ll find on the back of a lot of similar smartphones. To add to that, it’s a 22mm wide-angle lens, which means you can squeeze more mates into every shot, whether you’re using your arm or a selfie stick.


Great for: Customisation
Despite the tiny bezel at the top of the G6, LG’s managed to squeeze a highly capable 5-Megapixel snapper above that huge, immersive, 16:9 display. It offers really wide-angle photography, too, being able to capture 100 degrees of selfie-action in one shot.

You can also tweak the camera to your liking, adding filters or adjusting things like lighting and skin tone until you get the perfect, professional-looking shot.

Vodafone Smart Platinum 7

Great for: Night-shots
We’re pretty proud of the Smart Platinum 7. It’s absolutely loaded with high-end, flagship-level technology, but it comes in at a wallet friendly price that won’t break the bank. And its front and back cameras only add to the quality spec on offer.

For selfie lovers, the Platinum 7 offers an 8-Megapixel setup with a raft of extra features – including a super flattering beauty mode and timer. What sets it apart, though, is the inclusion of a flash, which will help night owls take great group selfies no matter how late (or dark) it gets.

So what’s stopping you? Get out there and test out your selfie skills – don’t forget to share your efforts with us @VodafoneUK using #NationalSelfieDay.

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