Hold onto your cash, we’ve rounded up the best budget phones available from Vodafone UK right now, and they’re all £100 or less…

Keen on a Samsung S8+ or iPhone 7 Plus but can’t bear to part with the cash? Perhaps you need a ‘cheap and cheerful’ device for the kids, a trusty daily runner, or second phone for festivals?

Great news! The lower prices that were once a glaring red flag could now spell mega value, with 2017’s cheap smartphones routinely offering bags of awesome features. The trick is knowing the right place to look, and we recommend starting right here…

Festival phone: Nokia 3310
Price: £39

Remember the days of the old school yard? Experience the best in Nokia nostalgia with the new-look 3310. Updated for the smartphone era, the 3310 features a bigger screen and increased functionality in your choice of orange, yellow, black or light grey. It’s a surefire conversation starter from Hideout to Sziget. Plus, it’s pretty much indestructible, and it features an updated version of everyone’s favourite: Snake.

With 16MB of internal storage that you can expand to 32GB with a MicroSD card, there’s plenty of room for all your festival pics and music. It even has a camera – 2MP, rear-facing. But perhaps the biggest bonus is the ridiculous battery life we used to know and love. By leaving out features like a touchscreen, 4G and Wi-Fi in favour of a basic internet connection and a simpler work ethic, one charge should set you up for about a week. This is the perfect partner for your partying, or a solid second phone.

Get your hands on the Nokia 3310 here.

All-rounder: Sony Xperia E5
Price: £89

When it comes to making a low-cost phone that looks anything but, Sony’s hard to beat. the Xperia E5’s got all the goods you’d expect from a modern smartphone too, including a vibrant high definition 5-inch touchscreen, a 13MP rear-facing camera and a 5MP front-facing camera. Both of those snappers come laden with modes and features that’ll help you take great shots, while its 16GB of inbuilt storage is expandable via MicroSD card. And it has amazing battery life to boot, so you can do more for longer.

Check out the Sony Xperia E5 here.

Vibrant display: Samsung Galaxy J3
Price: £99

Just scraping in under our £100 limit, the Samsung Galaxy J3 stands out for its screen. Featuring a 5-inch, 1280 x 720-pixel Super AMOLED display with minimal bezels (those annoying metal borders), it proves Samsung’s creds as the OLED masters. It’s ideal for viewing video on the go and, while there’s no auto brightness sensor, there’s a clever outdoors button – allowing you to crank the backlight to combat any searing summer sun.

At less than 8mm thick and just over 70mm wide, the Galaxy J3 is light in weight but strong on power thanks to a 1.5GHz quad-core processor. And, if you need a little bit more time between charges, simply flick into Ultra Power-Saving mode to maximise your battery. If you’re in it for the screen time, the J3 is your phone.

Pick up your Samsung Galaxy J3 here.

Super selfie snapper: LG K4
Price: £80

Slim but strong, the LG K4 is an affordable smartphone with a smooth user experience. And with two 5MP cameras, it’s ideal for selfie fiends and SnapChatters alike. Auto shot and gesture shot allow you to snap away using facial recognition or hand gesture – so forget pressing a pesky button. Plus, there’s a selfie flash for low-light photos, meaning you’re covered in every condition.

At the heart of this phone is a powerful quad-core processor, while it also offers 8GB storage as standard, which is expandable with the addition of a MicroSD card. It even features a removable battery, giving you the option of replacing it with a fully charged spare when you run out of juice. Overall the K4 is an ideal first phone or a compact spare, with plenty of handy features for snap-happy users.

Find out more about the LG K4 here.

New and noteworthy: Vodafone Smart N8
Price: £85

We’d be remiss to sign off without mentioning the new Smart N8. Brand new to Vodafone, the Smart N8 is the perfect pick for parents and online shoppers alike thanks to in-build security and parental controls.

Style conscious? The Smart N8 picked up a 2017 iF Design Award for Product Design for its mix of quality product features and simple, yet elegant design. It’s also received a glowing review from James Peckham at Tech Radar who says “For under £100, it’s hard to find fault with the latest device from the red network”, and Chris Barraclough at Recombu who says “From the HD screen to the fingerprint sensor and 13-megapixel rear camera, the Vodafone Smart N8 is already a contender for best budget phone of 2017.”

The Smart N8’s 5-inch screen and dual front speaker mean it’s great for watching your favourite movies and TV series on the go. It also features a long-lasting battery and ample storage, and the rear camera’s a pretty impressive 13MP – perfect for all your summer snaps.

Get the all new Vodafone Smart N8 here.

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