We’re back with our pick of shiny new and updated apps for you to download this June…

From finding a free ATM to uncovering your new beau or beating back a horde of zombies, we’ve hunted out all the apps you need to add to your home screen this month. Read on and start downloading!


Run out of reading time? No problem. Adum keeps you up to date with some of the world’s best long-form journalism read word-for-word by professional narrators. Simply select your preferred narration speed, add articles to your playlist and quickly jump between paragraphs with a simple tap of your screen for easy listening on the go. Featuring hours of new stories every week from international publications including: The Atlantic, London Review of Books and Foreign Policy, Audm is available for a free 24-hour trial. Post that, it’ll be £4.99 monthly for a more enlightened daily commute.

Zombie Gunship Survival | iOS, Android, FREE + IAP
Shoot zombies. Protect humanity. Sounds simple enough. Six years on from the release of the original Zombie Gunship, the undead are back for Zombie Gunship Survival. And, if you enjoyed zombie-blasting first time ‘round, this one’s a must-download. Part aerial shooter, part base-builder, Zombie Gunship Survival puts you in the gunner seat of a heavily-armed AC-130 as you work to protect your ground troops from the advancing zombie hordes. The missions get harder with each level unlocked, but each brings new resources for enhanced protection. While you can part with real cash for greater rewards, it’s not vital to enjoyable gameplay.

LINK ATM Locator | iOS, Android, FREE

Need money in a hurry? You need the LINK ATM Locator. According to LINK, around 23 per cent of the UK’s 70,000 cash machines charge, the rest are free to use. But they’re only useful if you can find them – that’s where LINK’s new app comes in. Filter results by your requirements, including machines that dispense £5 notes. See machines plotted out on a map and make your way to the ATMs nearest you by foot or by car for withdrawals free of additional charges.

Jigtalk | iOS, Android, FREE

New week, new dating app – at least that’s the way it seems. But rather than the appearance-based apps we’re used to, Jigtalk is picking personality over picture with a fun and quirky twist. Users are presented with two profiles at a time. The catch? Each profile picture is covered by 16 jigsaw pieces leaving just a tiny glimpse and short bio to aid your decisions. Upon making a match, you’re guided through the initial exchange with four random icebreaker questions before being left to continue your convo. With each message exchanged, a piece of the puzzle is removed, revealing all the pictures your partner’s uploaded.

*Updated* Detour | iOS, Android, £4.99 per guide
Planning a summer getaway? Make sure you add Detour to your packing list. Created by founder and former Chief Executive of Groupon, Andrew Mason, this handy audio tour app just underwent its biggest update yet to include 115 offbeat audio tours in 17 international markets. Each guide is narrated by an influential local or locals, including two former intelligence officers in Washington. And, as the app has GPS built-in, you’ll never get out of sync. Guides are available for around £4.99 each. Don’t forget your headphones!

*Updated* Things | iOS, £7.99

Keep your life in line with the ultimate task manager. In this latest update, Things has been completely rebuilt. And its all-new design makes it easier than ever to keep your professional and personal projects on track. Quickly collect your thoughts by creating to-dos from other apps, talking to Siri or manually entering info, and customise your workflow using tags to categorise or add context. See your calendar alongside your to-dos to best plan your time and pull actions through to your Today and This Evening lists or use drag and drop to move items around with the all-new Magic Plus Button. It’s never been easier to be onto it.

*Updated* Sortly | iOS, FREE
While you’re organising your schedule, why not organise your belongings? Sortly allows you to deftly document everything you own. Snap, label and keep track of your collectibles, record details for insurance purposes, or create an inventory for your business. You can store serial numbers, schedule reminders for warranty expiration or return dates and even print QR coded labels to provide a digital record of what items are in which boxes – a big help when you’re moving. The latest update comes with a complete overhaul of QR labels to include shapes and colours as well the ability to add and search items by scanning their barcodes for even speedier sorting.

*Updated* Line | Windows Phone, FREE
With voice and video calls, messages, and a huge variety of stickers, Line is a great alternative messaging app to keep in touch with family and friends. Working similarly to Whatsapp and Wechat, Japanese-built Line connects directly to your phone number and recent upgrades mean it’s now smoother and faster than ever. Fluid auto-hiding of the submenu makes scrolling cleaner, and less loading time makes for a vastly improved user experience – no dodgy Lines around here.

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