We're back again with our monthly roundup of essential downloads. Here are the apps you need on your home screen in May 2017...

Can you ever have enough new apps? As long as you’ve got the storage, we say the more the merrier. If you’re feeling the itch and want some new top tools to adorn your homescreen with, look no further!

Here’s our pick of the best apps worthy of a spot on your phone this month…

DashFlow Money Tracker | iOS, FREE + SUBSCRIPTION

We don’t mean to pry, but… How are you finances? If you feel like your bank balance could do with a bit of a tuneup, DashFlow might be the app for you. It combs all your bank accounts and expenditures into one smooth, seamless dashboard, letting you see your spending trends, budget, and plan for the month(s) ahead with ease.

Cabana | iOS, FREE

Cabana, made by the social media moguls over at Tumblr, is all about sharing video, but not in the way you might expect. That’s because the app is built around shared watching in real time. Simply pick a video and group your friends together in the app, and you’ll all be able to watch together while also in a live video chat – a bit like inviting your pals over to watch TV.

Microsoft To-Do | iOS, Android, Windows 10, FREE

Microsoft bought to-do list behemoth Wunderlist a few years back, and it seems as though there’s been a lot of learning going on behind the scenes ever since. Its new homegrown To-Do app, aptly named ‘Microsoft To-Do’ is a terrifically solid new arrival in the productivity space, full of features to help streamline your work and home life alike. Wunderlist stalwarts take heed: this app is set to replace it at some stage in the near future, so it’s probably best to make the jump before you’re pushed.

Walls for Reddit | Android, FREE

Reddit’s got a laundry list of subreddits devoted to collecting beautiful artwork, patterns and photos for use as smartphone wallpapers, but trawling through and sorting them could be a fulltime job. Luckily, Walls for Reddit is more than up to the task; it curates the best of the best in an easy to navigate portal that’ll help you keep your homescreen feeling fresh whenever you get the urge for a new look.

*Updated* iLife and iWork | iOS, FREE

Apple’s iLife and iWork packages (which includes apps like Pages, Keynote, Garageband and iMovie, to name a few) have traditionally cost a pretty penny to new users. This month, however, Apple’s decided to ditch the cost and make the entire suite free to new and existing users – both across Mac and iOS. That’s awesome news for mobile creatives and road warriors, as you’ll now be able to take your next great masterpiece (or spreadsheet) with you without paying a penny.

*Updated* Google Earth | Android, FREE

Google Earth has always been the top dog when it comes to exploring our humble home, but a major new update to the web and Android apps has made it truly exceptional. Much of the 3D mapping has had a facelift with improved quality and resolution, while a bundle of extra info about major and minor landmarks makes it a much more educational experience than ever before. Give it a whirl, but make sure you look at more than just your own house.

*Updated* Google Play Store | Android, FREE

OK, so the Google Play Store isn’t exactly an app you download by choice, but it deserves an honourable mention in this month’s roundup for an update that’s made exploring your app library a million times easier. It’s all down to the ‘My Apps’ section of the mobile store, which has just had a smart redesign that lets you update all or single apps more easily, as well as sort all your apps by size. Doing this shows you how much space each one is taking up (including things like in-app downloads), letting you free up space and keep on top of your library from one place. It’s about time too.

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