Huawei’s Rhys Saunders takes us behind the scenes with the brand-new Huawei P10 and P10 plus - now available from Vodafone UK...

Eying up the new Huawei P10 or P10 plus as your next smartphone? We can’t blame you. With sumptuous design, lightning fast performance and a camera setup made in partnership with photography gods Leica, both phones are awesome options. But what do you need to know that isn’t on the spec sheet?

We’ve been speaking to Huawei’s Rhys Saunders about the thinking behind the P10, how it evolved out of the P9, and the importance of giving you what you want – including the cool new green coloured P10 available exclusively from Vodafone until the end of June 2017.

Camera cloning

“Our partnership with Leica is key,” says Rhys, explaining what he believes is a lynchpin of the P10 range. “The P9, with its dual camera lenses, was a fantastic collaboration, and with the P10 we’ve only evolved that. This time we’ve increased the Megapixels on one of the cameras, so you now get a 20-megapixel black and white lens and a 12-megapixel colour one. That means you can capturing even more detail when out and about.”

Hang on; a black and white lens? For those unsure, Leica’s system is a unique one that combines the information from two very different cameras into one picture:

“One camera is monochrome, so it picks up all the black and white qualities in an image,” Rhys explains, “and the other is colour. So with the P10 you get the intense detail you traditionally get with black and white imagery, but with colour added back in – it makes things crisper and picks up the best light and detail.”

Pop into your nearest Vodafone store and you’ll see that Huawei isn’t the only manufacturer offering phones with a dual lens camera setup. The idea has become a mainstay of flagship devices over the past year, but is it just a gimmick or are dual cameras the future?

“We believe that dual cameras are here to stay in flagship devices,” says Rhys. “It’s certainly becoming more popular in other devices, but in our products it’s because we know that photography is how people express themselves in modern life, so creating those memories in the best possible quality is paramount – dual lenses helps you do that.

Performance tuning

Of course, a great camera (or two) does not a great smartphone make. Luckily the P10 and P10 plus have plenty else going for them, including industry-leading design and a heap of performance improvements over the P9.

“We’ve now got a system that learns which apps you use the most and optimizes the performance for that,” Rhys explains. “So if you’re someone who jumps between Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram to WhatsApp – and that’s your morning cycle – the P10 will learn that and start loading those apps in the background while you look at Facebook.”

That’s a feature that comes built into Emotion 5.1, the name for Huawei’s set of UI and optimization tweaks to stock Android. Also new in 5.1? A load of options and additions which have come directly from the request of Huawei fans:

“We’ve listened to what consumers have been saying,” reveals Rhys. “In previous models we were perhaps too heavy with the overlays on top of stock Android so we’ve really reduced that, but also added in new options. So, for instance, you can have the traditional Android app tray, or you can choose just to load all your apps onto the screen – we’ve given people the choice this time round.

“In general, we’ve improved and ramped up just about everything from the P9. And a lot of the tweaks and improvements to Emotion 5.1 are based on customer feedback. Also, from a general performance point of view, we’ve worked to make sure that you can get to any app on the phone within three button presses.”

That includes the new gestures baked into the fingerprint-scanning home button, which you can use to swipe around home screens, multitask, and more. And with that being the case, does Huawei believe onscreen buttons are set to be a thing of the past?

“I think that as fingerprint and touch technology improves, people will start adapting to different things,” Rhy tells us. “The onscreen buttons are there by default, but you can move to just using gestures on the home button. Some people will find it much easier to control things while the device is still on the table that way. And again, this is all based in feedback from previous devices and software versions; it’s all about improving that experience.”

Overall, Rhys believes that everything present in the P10 – on both the software and hardware side – is a marker of things to come.

Exciting news for mobile fans… The Huawei P10 is now available in green exclusively from Vodafone until the end of June 2017. We’re also giving away a super charge accessory box worth £100 to anywho who buys a P10 in any colour while stocks last. Get shopping!