We’re back with our pick of the best new and updated apps for you to download this April…

Just when you thought you’d filled your phone to the brim, we’ve uncovered a whole host of hot new apps to entertain and inspire. Whether you’re feeling creative, need professional help or could benefit from a digital butler, we’ve got all you need to ace this April. Read on and get downloading!

Squigglish! | iOS, FREE

Developed by mathematician and comic artist Olivia Walsh, Squigglish! animates your line drawings by making them very slightly wriggly. It’s a breeze to use, just open it up and start drawing. You can pull in photos from your library, choose a solid background or even snap a pic there and then to add spectacular squiggly line animation. Once you’re done, export as a GIF or video for sharing and wow your friends with your designs. While only available on iOS right now, we’ve been told an Android version’s coming soon.

Encode | iOS, Android, FREE

If you’ve ever considered learning to code, Encode could be your answer. This clever app for iOS and Android demystifies the world of programming and helps you to learn by doing. Master the principles of coding with bite-sized, interactive lessons and whip up wondrous webpages in no time.

Clips | iOS, FREE
Easily create expressive videos with this brand-new app from Apple. Coming soon to iOS, Clips lets you combine photos, video clips and music with filters and graphics to create polished vids for sharing. One feature sparking interest is the addition of live titles. As you speak, Clips automatically transcribes and time-codes your words to match your video – a boon for those watching vids without the sound.

Mendr | iOS, Android, FREE + Cost of editing

Photo editing apps are a dime a dozen. But if you don’t know how to use them, you’re going nowhere fast. Mendr combines the ease of an app with the skillset of professional photo editors. Simply upload the photo or photos you’d like improved, select your edits, or put full trust in the professionals and submit to have your pics enhanced and returned by a Mendr-vetted whizz. From cutting out photobombers to changing the background or adding a friend, Mendr editors do the lot. Prices range from around £2.40 per pic depending on the edits.

myAlfred | iOS, FREE
Time is precious; you need a butler. Enter new AI app myAlfred. Whether you want to go for drinks with friends, have dinner with the family or find time to up your fitness, myAlfred makes it easy by scanning calendars and scheduling plans. Simply say “I want to have drinks with my friends this month,” and myAlfred finds the perfect date for you and others. It even takes weather and location into account and presents your day at a glance, improving every time you use it.

Calorie Mama | iOS, Android, FREE

Counting calories can be a drag, so anything that makes it less so is a winner in our books. Calorie Mama helps you keep track of your daily intake by analysing your food photos. The app recognises thousands of food categories as well as complex dishes, and while it doesn’t appear to recognize UK labels just yet, it can scan and identify US barcodes. After reviewing your snap, Calorie Mama makes suggestions, allowing you to confirm and log your calories. Plus, like myAlfred, the more you use it the more accurate it becomes.

*Updated* Mini Metro | iOS, Android, £4.99
How’s public transport working for you? Could you make it better? Mini Metro is the clever puzzler game transforming regular commuters into transport planners. And thanks to the recent addition of ‘Endless Mode’, there’s no stopping you in your tracks. Featuring over 11 maps inspired by real cities – including London – Mini Metro makes it your job to expand the network, connect the stations and keep the city moving. It’s not as simple as it seems.

*Updated* Disqus| Windows Phone, FREE
Find, follow, share and comment on all the things that matter to you online with the latest update from Disqus. Now a universal Windows 10 app, the latest Disqus update adds a user-friendly interface that scales from PC to tablet to phone and lets you log in using Google, Facebook or Twitter in the app, just as you can via the web. Super handy for keeping up with all your favourite communities, finding new discussions, and managing your identity on the go, Disqus puts thousands of live discussions at your fingertips. You can also pin discussions or custom searches right to your home screen for easy access later.

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