It's officially spring, so why not go with the flow and indulge in a bit of spring cleaning? These are the apps you need to bring everything up to scratch.

The long dark of winter is now firmly behind us; the daffodils are out, the sun’s poking through the clouds and everyone’s frowns are turning upside down. In short? Spring is here! And with it, comes the perfect time to break out the hoover and indulge in a bit of spring cleaning.

But don’t start and stop with the carpets; with the right apps in your pocket you also give your home a proper digital dusting, too. Here’s how…

Tackle things yourself…

BrightNest | iOS, Android (Free)

You know those house-cleaning lifehacks that you always wish you instinctively knew? Like rubbing a walnut on your shoe during a full moon, or squeezing lemon juice onto your bannisters? Well, it’s time to stop guessing and clean like a pro. BrightNest is a treasure trove of little-known tips for getting maximum shine out of every surface, permanently de-clogging sinks, and everything in-between.

Green Shine | iOS (Free)
Like BrightNest, Green Shine wants to guide you in putting seemingly innocuous objects together to create super-powered cleaning agents. But the twist here, as the name suggests, is that everything skews towards the eco-friendly. Every one of the app’s tips is designed to help you find natural alternatives to chemical-heavy products.

OurHome | iOS, Android (Free)

Why should you have to do all the cleaning yourself? Whether you live with your family or your flatmates, OurHome is a great way to get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to chores. With it you can divvy out tasks to specific people, and assign them as one-offs or recurring events on a shared calendar. Everyone then gets points and rewards for completing their lot, which lends a competitive edge to keeping things ship-shape.

Poshmark | iOS, Android (Free)

When you’re spring cleaning, the wardrobe is always a great place to start. We’ve all got umpteen items of clothing that we’re just sure we’ll fit into again one day, but maybe now’s a good time to move on, minimalize and streamline your outfits? Poshmark will help you shift unwanted apparel in no time by acting as a kind of hybrid between Pinterest, Instagram and eBay. Snap a pic of your old threads, upload them to the feed and sell them to nearby connoisseurs. Simple!

Sortly | iOS, Android (Free)

If you want to go full on obsessive with how ordered your life is, why not do a complete stock check of literally everything you own? Sortly lets you take a photo of each individual material possession in your house, then give it a name, a description and a category before indexing it in its search-friendly digital filing system. It’s organisational nirvana for list-making fans.

Let others do the hard work

Hassle | iOS, Android (Free)

Cleaning is certainly wholesome, but it’s not that much fun. If you want someone else to tackle the grime on your behalf, look no further than Hassle – a one-stop shop for finding and hiring a weekly cleaner. There are thousands of ready and able cleaners on Hassle’s books, all carefully vetted and screened, so you don’t need to worry about letting strangers through the front door.

TaskRabbit | iOS, Android (Free)
TaskRabbit takes what Hassle does for cleaners and opens things up to all manner of odd-jobs. Sure, you can hire a ‘tasker’ to clean your house, but why stop there? With a seemingly endless supply of willing helpers on hand, you can use TaskRabbit to get your car polished, help you move house, get the weekly shop done, and more…

LaundrApp | iOS, Android (Free)

Since you’re already focussing on domestic chores, why not make this the week you finally get the better of your washing basket? Yes, even including those beach towels right at the bottom. In just a few taps, LaundrApp will let you book a laundry collection and drop off date for all your sundries in one swoop. In a day or two everything will come back crisp, clean and folded. Then you can pretend you did it all yourself.

Freecycle + Trash Nothing | iOS, Android (Free)
Cutting down on your possessions is a great way to feel clean and de-cluttered, but it often comes with the stress of having to dispose of your unwanted stuff. Freecycle + Trash Nothing takes that weight off your shoulders and out of your hands by letting you easily advertise on your nearest Freecycle network – anyone nearby who likes what they see can pop round and unburden you at their leisure. You know what they say: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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