Find out how and why we're adding thousands people to our UK customer service centres, to ensure that we're always ready - whenever you need us...

Whether you’re talking tech, services, or anything in-between, it’s nice to know that if something goes wrong or you need help, there’ll be someone friendly at the end of the phone to help… And someone who knows where you’re coming from.

We know that any company worth its salt is only as good as its customer services, which is why we’re about to add thousands of new customer service staff members to our UK family. Read on for the full details.

Great for us, great for the country, great for you

“Our ambition is to give our customers the best experience possible, providing an outstanding level of service and support.” Those are the words of Vodafone UK’s Chief Executive Nick Jeffrey, but it’s a goal that’s front of mind for everyone here at Vodafone UK.

So, to help us achieve that goal, we’re taking some of the £2 billion we’re currently investing in our UK network and infrastructure, and using it to bring over 2,000 new customer service reps on board. And crucially, these new roles will all be UK based – which means a couple of really great things.

Firstly, it means for certain queries, whenever you pick up the phone to chat to us, you can be confident that you’ll be speaking to someone based right here at home. Secondly? We’re going to be creating loads of new jobs in lots of places around the country.

“We’ll be ready and waiting whenever you need a hand, want some advice, or run into an issue.”

Of the 2,100 new Vodafone UK customer services jobs, about 150 will be based at our contact centre in Newark, with another 150 in Stoke and a further 100 in Glasgow. And on top of that, a whopping 800 new customer service reps will land in our Manchester centre, which will be a big boost for the government’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’ vision. We’re also adding more jobs at our partners centres too: with 100 in Cardiff; 600 in Newcastle; and 200 in the West of Scotland.

“Vodafone is one of our country’s great international success stories,” says The Rt Hon Karen Bradley MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, “and it’s fantastic this global organisation is demonstrating its confidence in the UK by creating new jobs across the north, in the midlands, in Scotland and in Wales.

“This Government is building an economy that works for everyone, one that backs business and builds on our strengths to drive growth and create jobs. We are working hard to create the right conditions for commercial investment in the UK, and today’s announcement is proof that Britain is well and truly open for business.”

That shot in the arm to the UK economy is really cool, but the most important news here is what all this means for you as a Vodafone customer: namely, the fact that we’ll be ready and waiting whenever you need a hand, want some advice, or run into an issue.

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