Looking to make plans, find the right tunes, or just searching for something to watch? We've got you covered this Valentine's Day with the best in mobile streams, sounds and downloads...

Few events in the calendar strike fear into people’s hearts quite like Valentine’s Day. For singletons it’s an untimely reminder of romantic failure, while for loved up couples it’s a day of immense pressure, as lovebirds scramble to outdo one-another in the luvvy-dovey stakes. But don’t panic! Whether you’re currently spoken for or a free agent, we’ve got the mobile entertainment you need to help you celebrate, or forget about, Valentine’s Day 2017 in fine style. Here’s our ultimate survival guide…


For couples…

Titanic | Netflix

Don’t scoff! On top of being one of the most successful box office smash hits on record, James Cameron’s Titanic is also one of the most romantic stories ever put to film. So go on; settle in, switch on, and become kings of the world together.

The Lobster | Netflix

If you’re looking for something a little more left-field, The Lobster, starring Rachel Weisz and Colin Farrell, could just be it. A dark, adult and dystopian sci-fi love story about people being turned into animals, it’s anything but formulaic. But it is totally brilliant.

For singletons…

Master of None | Netflix

Wickedly funny and smart, Aziz Ansari’s Master of None is all about the rigours of being single in the age of the millennial. And – while a romantic subplot does emerge around half way through – the show remains pleasingly cynical about modern relationships, expertly toeing the line between ‘hopeful’ and ‘realistic’ in a way that’ll appeal to anyone watching solo this Valentine’s Day. Excellent TV.

Ex on the Beach | NOW TV Entertainment

Feel like your love life leaves a bit to be desired? At least you don’t have to spend your spare time cooped up in a holiday villa with your dreaded ex. NOW TV Entertainment has five seasons of MTV’s cringe-a-thon reality show to binge on over Valentine’s Day.

Listen to

For couples…

Timeless Love Songs

The dinner’s in the oven, the candles are lit and the wine’s been poured. What you need now is the perfect soundtrack to a romantic evening. Luckily, Spotify’s got you covered with its roundup of all-time classics, sure to woo the socks off of anyone within listening distance.

Indie Love Songs

Alright, hotshot, we get it: schmaltzy love songs ain’t your thing. No problem! Here’s three and a half hours of more modern and alternative romantic tunes from Digster.fm.

For singletons…

Single. + Loving it.

Valentine’s Day is no need to feel blue when you’re single and loving it. You can do anything you want, after all! So why not whack this playlist on as loud as possible and revel in your freedom?

I HATE YOU: Breakup Songs

Still stuck in the past? Help yourself move on with this collection of the angriest, most breakup-friendly songs in the world. A whopping 11 hours of them should help you put your romantic demons to rest.


For couples…

YPlan | iOS, Android (Free)
Don’t worry, there’s still time to organise the perfect Valentine’s Day date. YPlan works with bars, clubs, restaurants, museums and more (in London, Bristol and Dublin) to hook you up with whatever’s happening. The app lets you book a slot at the UK’s best events, and then acts as your digital ticket, making it a once-stop shop for planning your next big night out.

Between | iOS, Android (Free)
If you and your partner can’t be together on Valentine’s Day, bridge the gap with Between, an app designed to help happy pairings chat and keep hold of precious moments. There’s also a raft of smart features like photo collections, countdowns to your next meet-up, and a shared calendar – perfect for when you’re feeling more pragmatic than romantic.

For singletons…

Tinder | iOS, Android (Free)
Ok, so we appreciate that you might want to revel in your singledom on V-Day, but, at the same time, there’s no harm in casting your line and seeing who bites. Who knows where it might lead? Tinder boasts 26 million matches every single day, so, if nothing else, you’re sure to get a nice ego boost when someone likes the look of you. And hey, it’s free!

SkyScanner | iOS, Android (Free)
If all else fails, why not double down on ‘you time’? A trip abroad, on your terms, is the best way to maximise your time living the free and single life, and SkyScanner provides the cheapest way to do just that. It’ll scour squillions of flights to find the lowest fare for your trip, meaning you’ve no excuse not to pack your bags and leave all this Valentine’s Day nonsense behind you.

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