We take a closer look at the new phone on the block, as Samsung reveals the latest in its fantastic Galaxy A series…

What resists water and dust, captures wherever you’re going in crystal clear detail, and takes good care of where you’ve been?… The brand-new Samsung Galaxy A5, of course! OK, that may be a rubbish riddle, but the Galaxy A5 is a great new phone, and it’s now available from Vodafone UK.

But before you jump on-board, let’s take a moment to look at what makes this smartphone so smart…

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

Price on Pay monthly: £32 per month (with a £10 upfront cost) which includes unlimited minutes and texts, 24GB of UK data (for the price of 6GB) and 2GB of inclusive roaming data thanks to Vodafone’s Data Extravaganza.
Made for… Anyone with an eye for style
Great because… It delivers fresh features and enhanced performance at a knockout price

First debuted by Samsung on day two of 2017, the new Galaxy A5 simply oozes style. If you can’t tell from the sophisticated colour choices – Black Sky, Gold Sand, and Blue Mist all available from Vodafone – then it’s certainly evident in the A5’s metal frame and 3D glass back that this phone is all about nailing that minimal, premium design vibe. But it doesn’t just look good, it feels good too; its seamless chassis means it’s a really comfortable to hold handset.

And while you’re standing there holding it, why not take a selfie? With enhanced front and rear cameras (16-Megapixels on both), and super-accurate autofocus, the A5 is great for capturing those Insta-worthy moments and obligatory food shots – even in low light. A floating shutter button lets you touch anywhere on the screen to snap away, while the display doubles as a front flash for selfies, and you can even choose from a number of different modes (including Food Mode) to optimise each camera for whatever scenario you’re in.

Want to be sure you’re bang up to date? You’ll find the same vibrant 5.2inch display and reversible, Fast Charge USB type-C port as found in the Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S7. And, in a first for the A series, there’s also IP68 water and dust-resistance. There’s also a longer-lasting 3000mAh battery life to keep you connected longer.

The phone also incorporates Samsung’s futuristic ‘Always On’ display, so you can check for key notifications without waking your device (further saving on precious battery power), and its increased memory and microSD support up to 256GB eliminates any worries about storage.

All in all, the 2017 A5 is a great example of a superior smartphone that offers everything you’d expect in a modern flagship, for mid-range price. Pick up yours here to take advantage of our Data Extravaganza. The only hard part is which colour…

Speaking of the A5 ability to nail low-light shots… try your hand at nighttime photography with this advice from Astrophotographer Tim Burgess.