February may be the year’s shortest month, but there’s no need to mourn those missing hours. Make up for lost time with these excellent apps, and gain over two precious days in the process…

Between work, friends, family, fitness and that new series on Netflix, nobody’s got time for a month with only 28 days in it. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top apps and tech to help you beat the clock. Ready to claw back an extra 48 hours (or more)? On your marks, get set, go!

Monthly time-savers

App/tech: Jinn | iOS, Android, FREE
Use it for… On demand delivery
Time saved: 1.5 hours a month

Queuing: it’s the great British pastime. And, according to a recent Samsung study, it sucks up eight whole months of our lives. Well, never fear: Jinn is here, and it’s helping you step out of line. Whatever you’re seeking, from fast food to fast fashion, place your order via the Jinn app to have it couriered directly to your location. No traipsing ‘round the shops, no waiting at the till and no checking the mailbox for your online order – just whatever your heart desires delivered to your door within the hour. Easy.

App/tech: Flypay | iOS, Android, FREE
Use it for… Paying at the table
Time saved: 1 hour per month (dining out three times)

The gap between theatrically miming your signature at the waiter and actually paying your bill can be 10-12 minutes. That excludes the time taken to catch your waiter’s eye in the first place. Luckily, apps such as FlyPay and Zapper are reducing this to mere seconds by allowing you to quickly retrieve your bill and pay on your phone. You can even split the cost between multiple diners and, in some cases, order more food and drinks without waiting to be served. Check with your favourite restaurants as to which payment apps they use and savour the taste of time savings.

App/tech: Hassle.com | iOS, Android, FREE
Use it for… Your weekly clean
Time saved: 8 hours per month
Kick your 2-hour weekly clean to the curb with Hassle.com. This handy app puts you in touch with pre-vetted cleaners near you. Subscription pricing starts at just £10 per hour. And you can even manage your bookings and make secure payments online, eliminating the need to leave cash on the table.

App/tech: ZipJet | iOS, Android, FREE
Use it for… Your long laundry list (London only)
Time saved: 8 hours per month

Do you enjoy washing, drying, folding, ironing and hanging? The team at ZipJet do; in fact, they revel in it. And, what’s more, they do it well. With as little as six hours between pick-up and delivery, you’ll be feeling so fresh and so clean in no time at all, leaving you free to get on with something a little less dry.

App/tech: HelloFresh | iOS, Android, FREE + cost of HelloFresh subscription
Use it for… Stress-free home cooking
Time saved: 10 hours per month

Never wonder what’s for dinner again with the HelloFresh’s subscription recipe box and companion app. HelloFresh deliver fresh ingredients and healthy recipes to your doorstep every week, saving you that daily trip to the supermarket. The companion app lets you keep track of your favourite recipes, view video tips and tricks, share recipes with your friends and easily manage your account. Tasty.

App/tech: Moodkit | iOS, £4.99
Use it for… Kicking bad moods to the curb
Time saved: 20 hours per month
The average Brit spends one year and eight months of their life in a bad mood – that’s five hours every week! Don’t waste any more time stuck in a grump. Try Moodkit. At £3.99 to download, it’s kind of like having your own (much cheaper) pocket psychologist. Using the principles and techniques of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), the Moodkit app includes suggestions for mood-enhancing activities, a thought-checker, a mood tracker and a Moodkit journal to help you keep on top of negative thoughts and enjoy the perks of positivity.


And a few handy one-off timesavers…

App/tech: Flush Toilet Finder | iOS, Android, FREE
Use it for… A loo near you
Time saved: 15 mins

When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. What you don’t want to do is wander around aimlessly. With a database of over 200,000 public toilets worldwide, Flush Toilet Finder is the fastest way to answer nature’s call wherever you happen to be. Using your location, this app pinpoints the public facilities nearest to you on a map. You can click then through to see walking directions and handy icons let you know whether they’re accessible and free (or require payment) to use.

App/tech: Dr Now | iOS, Android, from £7.99 per month
Use it for… Doctor consultations by video
Time saved: 30 mins

Visit a board-certified physician or psychologist from the comfort of your home at the touch of a button using the Dr Now video service. For £7.99 a month, you can access unlimited appointments with professional GPs or pay £42.50 per one-off consultation. You can even have your medication and prescriptions delivered to your door, saving a whole heap of time waiting around in doctors’ offices and pharmacies.

App/tech: GPSmyCity | iOS, FREE
Use it for… Seeing the sights
Time saved: 2 hours
Heading away for the weekend? GPSmyCity’s self-guided walks help you take in all the key sights in a logical order, without getting lost or spending hours on research. Choose from over 6,000 guides for 750+ cities, set your own pace and maximise your downtime.

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