Vloggers Hannah Leigh and Becky Sheeran share their top make-up tips for 2017 following the #BlueFunday Emoji Challenge…

Emoji make-up – as seen in our grin-inducing #BlueFunday campaign – is a whole lot of fun, but it’s probably not an everyday look. As such, we’ve been chatting to popular fashion and beauty vloggers Becky Sheeran of TalkBeckyTalk and Hannah Leigh about more practical tips for looking good in 2017, as we pondered…

What is it about make-up that helps people feel good?

“I think the relationship girls can have with make-up is really lovely because you’re spending time getting to know yourself, what you like and what you don’t,” Becky explains.

“For me, the process of getting ready and putting on make-up is what I love. It’s a bit of me time – it actually relaxes me! It’s amazing how a new piece of make-up can give us the boost we need.”

“It’s a bit of me time – it actually relaxes me! It’s amazing how a new piece of make-up can give us the boost we need.”

Hannah agrees: “I absolutely love applying make-up – everything from priming to final touches.”

“I think it’s amazing how you can tweak your features with make-up. It’s not to impress anyone else but myself, and to help me feel confident. And I love seeing other people’s creations! Everything from subtle changes to extreme transformations – some make-up artists have it down to a real art form.”

What make-up products do you use to boost your mood?

For Hannah, happiness is a trio of bold lipstick, top-notch nails and finessed brows:

“A dark lipstick definitely makes me feel like I can conquer the world. But I also find just having manicured nails and tidy brows will keep you looking polished and feeling confident,” she says.

When it comes to Becky, it’s nice and natural for the win:

“I’m actually a real neutrals girl. I love minimal make-up so, for me, when I need to cheer myself up I love making sure my hair is really full and looking good. I like to keep my skin quite fresh, and I’ve actually started to paint my freckles on with a brown eyeliner – just really softly. It helps bring out your best features, I think! There’s nothing better than feeling comfortable in your own skin.”

Are there any no-fail products that would work for any wearer?

Hannah’s a big believer in matte brown eyeshadow:

“You can use it lightly as a transition shade, or build up for a dark and smoky look, use as brow powder or even use it to contour. So many uses from one product!” she says. “I also think everyone looks good with a tiny bit of highlight in the cheeks, nose and cupid’s bow.”

Becky’s surprising tip? Double up on the mascara:

“I absolutely swear by using two mascaras. It really helps your lashes look longer and thicker,” she says. “I tend to use a drugstore mascara first, then my favourite high-end one. In this case more is definitely more!”

“I absolutely swear by using two mascaras. It really helps your lashes look longer and thicker.”

What’s the best piece of make-up advice you’ve ever received?

This is where things get slightly contextual; despite the double mascara method, Becky says her top tip in general was actually: “less is more”.

“I used to pile make-up on and use far too much foundation,” she explains. “Over the years I’ve learnt to use less, but in a different way, and to try to bring out my features (like freckles) rather than hide them.”

Hannah’s favourite advice? Trends are trends, not rules.

“A make-up artist that I worked with told me that trends don’t apply to everyone,” Hannah says. “And if a trend is seen as ‘out’ but it suits you or you enjoy it, you should just go for it.”

“Magazines make blanket statements like: ‘bushy brows are out, Instagram brows are in’ or ‘ditch the winged eyeliner, it’s all about tight lining’, but this doesn’t apply to everybody. Unless you’re an identical twin, your face is different to everybody else’s, so you should make your own rules.”

Speaking of trends, what are your top predictions for 2017?

“I feel like 2016 was the year of contouring, baking and strobing – quite extreme forms of applying make-up,” Hannah says. “Maybe in 2017 we’ll pull it back and subtle looks will prevail.”

Becky agrees, saying:

“I think we’ll see people making the most of their natural features. I think make-up has been going that way for a while now, but it’s nice to see more make-up aimed at enhancing your natural beauty. The no make-up look is still actually quite hard to do, but I love it. I get inspiration from America. They tend to get new make-up first and then it comes over here. So I love following American Youtubers to see how things are different over there.”

So no over-the-top Emojis then?

While our vloggers won’t be rocking the Emoji look day-to-day, both Becky and Hannah enjoyed the novel challenge:

“I loved the use of colours,” Becky says. “I tend to stick to neutrals in my day-to-day looks so this was fun to do. The biggest challenge was trying to replicate something 2D on my 3D face – which is a lot harder than it looks!”

Hannah’s challenge differed slightly: “My biggest challenge was answering the door to my postman in full emoji-face!”

Final advice from our vloggers for anyone looking to update their look in 2017?

“Think of five people or celebrities that look similar to you and have similar features,” Hannah says.

“Follow them on Instagram and see what looks they go for – chances are they’ll suit you too. Experiment with different products until you find something you love, then build on that look with subtle changes. Maybe even focus on one feature. If you have hooded eyes you could follow me for inspo!”

Becky’s big tip? “Eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows.”

“For years I didn’t bother with my eyebrows, then earlier this year I invested in a whole new set of eyebrow products and I spend a lot more time on them now. It’s amazing how brows can shape your face and make you look like you’re wearing make-up even when you aren’t,” she says.

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