'appy New Year! We’re back with our monthly round-up of the best new and updated apps to help kick-start your 2017...

New Year, new apps! Whether you’re running iOS, Android or Windows Phone, chances are you’ll need some fresh new content to help ease that morning commute. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch to boost your skills, creativity and productivity this month. Read on and start downloading…

Fast like a Fox | iOS, Android, FREE + IAP
Test your reflexes and fill your free time with this beautifully designed platformer from Fingersoft. Fast like a Fox uses your phone’s internal sensors to detect movement so the faster you tap the back of your phone, the faster your fox runs on its mission to recover the Golden Fox Tribe’s stolen treasures. It’s easy to play but a lot harder to master as you balance tapping the back of your phone with tapping the screen to jump canyons. Pump up the volume to enjoy an upbeat soundtrack and prepare to get addicted.

All-in-one Calculator | Android, FREE
A great new addition for Android fans – this handy All-in-one Calculator features over 50 unit converters and calculators to help you stay on top of everything from your shoe size to your home loan. Packed with currency converters, percentage calculators, angle converters and even a cost of smoking calculator, it’s ideal for helping with homework as well as jobs around the house. And you can customise the display by selecting your preferred colour scheme and saving your favorite settings for easy access. Nice!

Photoscan | iOS, Android, FREE
Another winning app from Google, Photoscan lets you easily scan and save your favourite photos and digitise old prints. Far better than simply taking a photo of a photo, this app uses multi-angle scanning technology that requires you to hold your phone over a dot in each quadrant of the photograph until it turns blue. It eliminates glare and automatically crops each scanned image for tip top results.

(Update) 1 Second Everyday | iOS, Android, £3.99
The 1 Second Everyday app stemmed from a project by director Cesar Kuriyama to capture one second of video every day and build it into a continuous video. With new features including ‘Insta-Mash’ now allowing you to mash your top 30 Instagram posts from 2016 into a 1 Second-style vid and a video scrubber providing the ability to jump around to any part of a video you want to see again, this app’s a great option for those seeking a new way to document the new year. Record from within the app itself or pull footage from your camera for fun and timely challenge to make every second count.

PicsArt Animated GIF and Video Animator | iOS, Android, FREE
Fancy yourself as an artist? The new PicsArt app provides all the tools you need to create animated GIFs from scratch. Draw frame-by-frame animations or doodle on your selfies to bring them to life. You control the length and speed of your animations and you can even add music to your creations before simply sharing to your social networks and watching the likes roll in.

Exacto | iOS, £2.49
Continuing along the creative theme, Exacto is ideal for removing any unwanted backgrounds or objects from your latest holiday snaps. Harnessing the power of the pen selection tool, this clever cropping tool lets you place points around any image to create precise cut-outs. By adding multiple layers you can select more than one object in an image and the unlimited undo/redo function lets you click away without concern. You can then superimpose your cut-outs onto new and more exciting backgrounds (oh, you spent Christmas at the beach? Who knew?) or use them as stickers in your chat.

Inkodo | Windows Phone, FREE
Keep more interesting notes with this interactive app for Windows Phone. Inkodo allows you to doodle, create photo montages, annotate and sketch. You can even add additional info with the voice to text function, import pdf files as images to your whiteboard and add filters for creative effect. While this app may not aid your to-do-list progress, it will certainly make those tasks a lot nicer to look at in the meantime. Plus, there’s a handy sharing function, making it nice and easy to delegate. Ideal.

(Update) Onecast | Windows Phone, FREE
Amp up your motivation and tune into some brand-new podcasts via popular podcast player Onecast. This ad-free player adapts to your level of internet connectivity and has just had a major spruce up, now offering episode list filters, multi-selection and visual progress indicators. Its super simple interface makes it really easy to use. A nice little player to help you make the most of your morning commute.

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