Festive feasting can wreak havoc on your waistline. Luckily, we have all the apps you need to get that diet back on track…

Over-indulged over Christmas? You’re not alone. But let’s leave the past behind us and look forward to a fit future, with a round-up of the best diet and calorie counting apps for 2017…

Lose It | iOS, Android, FREE
Massively popular weight-loss app Lose It has added a smart new feature allowing you to take a photo of your food to log its calorific value. Once you take a picture, the Snap It feature analyses the image and provides a list of suggestions as to what it is you’re eating. You can then add extra info such as how much of that food you actually ate (be honest, now). While it is still in beta and not always perfect, it’s a nice addition to what’s already a user-friendly calorie budget and tracking app.

My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker | iOS, Android, FREE
One of the most popular calorie counting apps out there, My Fitness Pal is hard to look past. With a database of over 5 million foods, and the ability to quickly input exercise alongside your meals, it makes any excuses seem pretty weak. Every time you submit your daily diary, it tells you how many weeks it’ll take to achieve your goal weight. It also includes an automatic step-tracker, and can connect with over 50 other apps and devices including Apple Health, Fitbit, Runkeeper and Strava.

My Net Diary – Calorie Counter and Food Diary | iOS, Android, FREE
Billed as “the coach in your pocket”, My Net Diary starts by helping you set a realistic weight goal and calorie budget. Featuring over 200 UK brands and restaurants including Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, and Pringles, it makes it easy to track your intake, and you’re able to keep a running record of all your body measurements – from waist size to cholesterol. Can’t find your food in the app? Send a photo and they’ll add it, or go ahead and scan the barcode as an easy way to search.

Nom Nom Paleo | iOS, £4.49
If you want to get serious about trimming down after Christmas, you may want to take things back to basics with the paleo (caveman) diet. This app will help you do just that – it’s rammed full of recipes and tips, and there’s even a 30-day meal plan (complete with photos) to get you started on your caveman journey.

5:2 Diet Complete Meal Planner | iOS, Android, £1.99
The 5:2 is another popular modern diet, which asserts that you can shed pounds by fasting on two days out of every week – freeing you up to eat normally on the other five. This app is full of recipes and ideas on how to make your fasting days seem easier, alongside calorie counting tools to ensure you don’t veer too far off course on your eating days.

DietSensor | iOS, FREE + Cost of sensor technology
Want to get really high tech with your calorie count? Pair the DietSensor app with a SCiO molecular sensor to use near infrared spectroscopy technology to determine the chemical makeup of your food and drink. This technology allows you to gather accurate, granular nutritional detail about everything you consume, and further innovation is in sight with an Android app and Bluetooth digital scale in the pipeline.

Food Diary | Windows Phone, FREE
With one-click entry and recent food suggestions, Food Diary makes it easy to track your intake and stay on target. Enter personal goals and use the weekly report to see your trends. You can even email yourself a copy of your diary should you want to save a record.

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