If you're taking on Dry January, you're going to need some help. Thankfully there are oodles of apps out there waiting to guide you through it. Here are the best of the best.

We’ve all indulged our way through Christmas and partied New Year’s Eve away, so now its time to calm down and treat your body right. Dry January is a great way to do just that (and raise money for charity, too), but going cold turkey on the tipple is easier said than done straight after the festive break.

Don’t worry, though, there are plenty of digital tools available out there to help you beat the booze this month – and all the best ones are available on your phone and on the go. Here’s our pick of the best Dry January apps around…

Saying When | iOS (free)
Designed by the Education department at The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Canada, Saying When is the app version of a successful programme that’s been in use for 20 years to help people quit or cut down on their drinking. Front and centre is a big, bold dashboard of your daily, weekly and monthly progress, with handy hints and the ability to track urges (or drinks) just a tap away.

Stop Drinking Alcohol App | Android (free)
If you’re looking to keep your sobriety up after January’s over, this app should help. Its main focus is on tracking streaks of alcohol-free days, with motivational quotes unlocked every time you make it to another day. A colour-coded calendar helps you see the days when you stayed strong, had a few, or had a lot, at a glance.

Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson | Android, iOS (£1.89, £2.29)
Think you’re going to need a helping hand when it comes to cutting down? Andrew Johnson could be just the man you’re looking for. His app turns to meditation and hypnotherapy to try and convince your brain that it doesn’t need alcohol in those times when you naturally opt for a drink. It’ll also help you sleep better during your month of sobreity.

“Its main focus is on tracking streaks of alcohol-free days, with motivational quotes unlocked every time you make it to another day.”

Coach.Me | Android, iOS (free)
Coach.Me is a habit builder that wants to reward you with positive feedback every day in which you do or don’t do one of the habits you sign up to conquer. Choose to subscribe to any from thousands of pre-existing ones (don’t drink, go for a run, be thankful, etc.) or make your own, check each one every day, and see your progress stack up. There’s also a healthy online community baked into the app, which lets you get and give props from or to friends or strangers.

I Am Sober | Android, iOS (£1.19, £1.49)
This app boasts a raft of great features, including motivational quotes, badges for every day you go sober and an online community support system, but its best trick is the ability to count how much money you’ve saved every day or week that goes by without spending money on drinks (or cigarettes). If it looks or sounds familiar, it’s because it was featured in the Netflix Original series Love.

DrinkAware | Android, iOS (free)
DrinkAware’s main focus isn’t on helping people quit drinking completely, but it is a useful way to school up on alcohol units and price, as well as the health benefits of cutting back. If you fall off the Dry January wagon, you can still use the built in calculator to track how many units you’ve had of an evening, how much that cost you, and how much better off your body would have been without it.

DrinkControl | Android, iOS (free, £3.99)
DrinkControl boasts a lot of the individual features of many of the other apps in this list in one place, making it a great all-rounder for Dry January. It’ll tell you about units, help you see your monetary savings, track your sober days, provide motivational quotes and show you all of your data in a range of different charts. It’ll even show you your intake in infographic form, to show you just how much all those ‘oh just the one’s add up.

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