With the year drawing to a close, now's a great time to gather your photos and videos together into something more than the sum of their parts...

We’re in the dying embers of 2016 – a rollercoaster year for all concerned. But no matter how good or bad you’ve found the year that was, one thing’s likely to ring true for all of us: our phones are chock-full of photos and videos that didn’t exist 12 months ago.

Don’t just let them languish in your phone’s camera roll, though; there are loads of brilliant ways to store, present, and throw them all together into cool montages, video clips and more. All you need is the right collation app to do the hard work for you…

Zoe by HTC | Android (Free)

Zoe started out life as an exclusive feature baked into HTC handsets, but the company has since opened it up as a free app for any Android phone. And that’s great news because, in many ways, it started the trend of photo and video montage making on mobile. Using Zoe is easy-peasy; you just point it at the photos and videos you want to include, choose a couple of effects and a piece of music, and it’ll turn your holidays, days out, or your whole year into a shareable mini movie.

Flipagram | Android, iOS (free)

Flipagram takes the idea behind the ‘stories’ sections of both Snapchat and Instagram and turns it into a dedicated app. With it you can easily combine photos, effects and text into swish video montages that even let you pick from a library of popular songs to have as your soundtrack. What’s more, Flipagram hosts regular competitions to help you find an audience, including (at the time of writing), one called #My2016. Oh, and your Flipagrams last forever, meaning your hard editing work won’t self-destruct.

Google Photos | Android, iOS (free)

Google Photos is a veritable box of tricks. On the surface it’s a great way to automatically upload your snaps to the cloud (Google offers unlimited free storage), and an amazing way to get straight to what you’re looking for by searching for what’s in your pictures, but the inbuilt Google Assistant is what makes it smart from a collation point of view. Without prompting, it’ll opt to piece together photos and videos into mini montages based on where you were when you took them. Smart, skill-free stuff.

Magisto | Android, iOS (free)

Feeling lazy? Like Google Photos, Magisto wants to do the editing for you. Just point it at your photos and it’ll spin some magic to create an artfully put-together film, including filters, music and whizzy animations that transition the action between clips. Magisto’s creations are then ripe for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. In other words? It’s the perfect tool for people with big ambitions and no time.

Quik | iOS, Android (free)

Formerly known as Replay, the GoPro-owned Quik is a seriously smart way to make professional-looking videos out of your disparate snaps and clips without having to fork out for a pro-grade editing suite. As with some of the other apps in this list, you can add a soundtrack, text and a number of cool transitions, but be warned; there’s a huge array of options on offer.

Flickr | Android, iOS

Flickr’s been in the online photo storage game for a long time, and for good reason. While it may not offer montage editing tricks like the rest of this list, it’s worthy of a spot thanks to its no nonsense organisational prowess. In fact, Flickr’s still the go-to online photo storage and curation option for the majority of professional photographers because it’s clean, easy to use and able to put your work out there in front of other enthusiasts. So go on; put some time into finally organising all your photos and albums. You’ll feel all the better for it.

My Year Photo Book | iOS (free)

All these online collation tools are cool, but what happens if the internet implodes on you? My Year has you covered, offering an easy way to have the last 12 months of your life printed out into a book you can keep forever. Just show the app your Facebook or Instagram account, input your delivery details, and before you know it a lovingly-printed yearbook all about your 2016 will be landing on your doorstep.

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