Looking for something that your family will actually enjoy playing this Christmas? Check out our pick of 2016's best mobile board game apps...

The presents have been opened, the Turkey’s been eaten and the Queen’s done her thing. There’s only one thing left on the agenda for the big day: the dreaded family board game. But don’t worry; in 2016 you don’t need to waste hours studying the rules or arguing over dice throw techniques – there are loads of great mobile board game adaptations and new experiences that the whole family can get stuck into instead!

If you’re looking to update your Christmas evening’s activities, look no further than our roundup of the best board game replacements available on your phone or tablet…

Heads Up | Android, iOS (Free or 79p)

Want to wake everyone up with something a bit more lively than your average board game? Heads Up, fronted by Ellen Degeneres, takes the classic ‘who am I?’ party game (in which you stick a celebrity’s name to your forehead) and supercharges it. Smart features like a built in timer and the ability to film the action while you play only add to the fun.

Party Doodles | iOS (Free)

Party Doodles is made for the iPad and Apple TV, and aims to mimic a classic game of Pictionary but without the need for reams of paper and a massive easel. Fling the app’s screen from tablet to TV and draw with your finger from wherever you are in the room, while your friends and family attempt to guess what your weird, frantic scribbles could possibly represent.

Coup | Android, iOS (Free)

Coup is an ingenious card game that started out life on Kickstarter in 2013, in which you and your pals battle against one another to attain and maintain influence using your wits, tactics, and power of deception. This mobile adaptation is faithful to the original in all the right ways, and lets up to four of you battle in private online multiplayer (which means you can all play from the comfort of the sofa). Want to spread your wings? You can play online against strangers, too.

Pandemic | Android, iOS (£4.99)

Pandemic has been a big hit with modern board game fans since its launch in 2008, but its mobile version is even better, allowing up to four players to work co-operatively to help cure four horrible diseases ravaging humanity. It’s a turn-based, ‘Pass ‘N Play’ affair, which makes it perfect for handing back and forth while you watch some seasonal telly.

Bounden | Android, iOS (£2.29)

Looking for something a little bit more unusual? Bounden is only built for two players, but it’s much more involving and unique than your average board game. Part Twister, part dance class, it sees you and your partner each hold onto an end of the phone while completing a series of twists and turns that’ll have you accidently dancing. The moves are actually choreographed by the Dutch National Ballet, so it’s a good way to burn off those Christmas dinner calories.

The Game of Life: 2016 Edition | Android, iOS (£2.99)

If you think Nan’s unlikely to want to give Bounden a go, you can’t go wrong with The Game of Life. This new mobile take on the board game classic brings it to life with 3D animations and a colourfully reimagined board, letting up to four people play on one device. Still can’t tempt anyone into a game? The latest version of TGoL boasts online multiplayer, too.

Monopoly | Android, iOS (£0.79)

You’ve probably never heard of Monopoly – it’s a bit obscure, as board games go. But trust us when we say that this mobile and tablet version is a brilliant adaptation, featuring a 3D board and animated interactions. The best bit? There’s no need to assign a banker, which means there’s no way anyone can cook the books. You can play it with three others on separate devices via Wi-Fi, or on one device using the Pass N’ Play method. We’d recommend a tablet for the latter.

Your Move Premium+ | iOS (£1.49)

‘Your Move’ is a treasure trove of classic games made for mobile, with approximations of classics like Scrabble and Connect 4 alongside Chess, Draughts and a bundle more besides built into a single app. Every game is a turn-based affair that lets you play online against a friend or family member at a pace to suit you – you’ll get a notification when it’s your time to move – and you can have multiple games on the go at once.

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