Chocolate's all well and good, but we've got something that'll last you a bit longer than what's behind your advent calendar doors: a free iPhone app every day until the big day...


We’re officially into December, which – as the TV ads are so insistent to tell us – means that Christmas is just around the corner! It also, hopefully, means that you tucked into the first chocolate on your advent calendar this morning.

But the treats needn’t stop there. To help ramp up the festive excitement, we’ve been on the hunt to round up 25 tasty, paid iPhone apps that you can get for free each day in the run up to the main event. Fancy grabbing a digital bargain? Keep it locked here; a lot of these deals are for one day only…

Thursday 1 December
iPhone app: Filterloop Infinite | Free (usually: £1.49)
Want great looking photos without the effort? Filterloop Infinite will randomly generate a great set of effects over your snaps with one button press. Don’t like it? Press again!

Friday 2 December
iPhone app: BusyCal | Free (usually: £2.29)
A beautiful, clean and powerful replacement for the stock iOS Calendar app, BusyCal wants to help you keep your life organised for you.

Saturday 3 December
iPhone app: Shades | Free (usually: £0.79)
Think Tetris, but with colours instead of shapes. That’s the essence of shades, a fun puzzler that starts out simple before winding up fiendishly difficult.

Sunday 4 December
iPhone app: Rogue Star | Free (usually: £2.29)
A huge, open universe awaits as you take on missions in a bid to become the world’s best space pilot. Have you got what it takes?

Monday 5 December
iPhone app: Runtastic Sit Ups Ab Trainer | Free (usually: £1.49)
Fancy putting in some hard work now before the festive feasts begin? Runtastic’s great ab workout app will help coax out your underlying six-pack.

Tuesday 6 December
iPhone app: KaleidaCam | Free (usually: £0.79)
Run your shots through KaleidaCam’s psychadelic filters and you’ll end up with some mind-boggling patterns. It’s oddly theraputic.

Wednesday 7 December
iPhone app: Linia | Free (usually: £2.99)
Linia is a top puzzler that asks you to draw lines between different shapes of the same colour. Sound easy? Not when these shapes are on the move and constantly shape-shifting.

Thursday 8 December
iPhone app: Sero | Free (usually: £0.79)
Sero is a chilled-out puzzle game with no time limits, or ads, or in-app-purchases… Just 100 levels of chilled out brain-scratching, set in a colourful polygonal world.

Friday 9 December
iPhone app: My Nearest Places | Free (usually: £2.29)
Hone in on everything around you with My Nearest Places, the app that helps you find exactly what it is you’re looking for – from restaurants to hospitals.

Saturday 10 December
iPhone app: Breathing Zone: Guided Breathing for Mindfulness | Free (usually: £2.99)
Take five minutes out to master the art of peaceful, mindful breathing with this app that aims to slow you down and chill you out.

Sunday 11 December
iPhone app: Feelca B&W | Free (usually: £0.79)
Go back to photography’s roots. Feelca is a simple black and white camera app designed to mimic that old film camera charm by cleverly tweaking your iPhone cam’s exposure settings.

Monday 12 December
iPhone app: Solar Walk 2 | Free (usually: £2.29)
Explore the solar system with nothing but swipes and taps in this amazing interactive tour of planets, moons and missions from NASA and others.

Tuesday 13 December
iPhone app: Wanted Poster Pro | Free (usually: £0.79)
Ever wanted to make yourself look like an outlaw from the wild west? Or put a bounty on a family member’s head? Wanted Poster Pro lets you do just that.

Wednesday 14 December
iPhone app: Goat Simulator | Free (usually: £3.99)
Goat Simulator is exacty what it sounds like – a (not very realistic) vision of what it might be like to be a goat. Wander ther streets of a 3D town annoying the locals, licking things, and… Erm… Jumping on trampolines.

Thursday 15 December
iPhone app: Magic Launcher Pro | Free (usually: £0.79)
If you want to inject a bit of Android-style customisation into your iPhone, Magic Launcher is the app for you. It lets you launch apps and change settings right from the lockscreen.

Friday 16 December
iPhone app: Directoon | Free (usually: £3.99)
Fancy directing your own cartoon? Pick your characters, move them around various scenes and record your voices, and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing in Directoon.

Saturday 17 December
iPhone app: CityMaps2Go Pro | Free (usually: £2.29)
Find your way around some the world’s most vibrant cities, plan trips with tips from the locals, and save everything offline.

Sunday 18 December
iPhone app: IQ Mission | Free (usually: £2.29)
Work your way round famous cities solving a host of brain-twisting puzzles with (128 levels of difficulty) in this addictive test of your grey matter.

Monday 19 December
iPhone app: Incredibox | Free (usually: £2.99)
Mix and match loops being sung, spat and beatboxed by a bunch of cartoon dudes to create amazingly satisfying melodies and grooves.

Tuesday 20 December
iPhone app: Marvel Pinball | Free (usually: £0.79)
This is a great digital pinball experience for fans of the pinball game genre, and even better for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Perfect train journey fodder.

Wednesday 21 December
iPhone app: Feelca Daylight | Free (usually: £0.79)
If you like taking shots outside, Feelca will help you capture mobile images that have that magical, natural film camera feel to them, with 24 or 36 exposure film options.

Thursday 22 December
iPhone app: Drop Flip | Free (usually: £1.49)
Move a host of simple, flat objects to help guide a 2D ball into a bucket. Sound simple? Drop Flip gets fiendishly tricky, surprisingly quickly.

Friday 23 December
iPhone app: Talking Carl | Free (usually: £0.99)
Carl is a weird red blob of a creature, and he wants to chat, play and muck about with you on your phone. Sounds weird, but it’s a lot of fun.

Christmas Eve | Saturday 24 December
iPhone app: DayGram | Free (usually: £0.79)
Want to make 2017 the year you finally start a diary? DayGram can help, asking that you only write a line each day.

Christmas Day! | Sunday 25 December
iPhone app: The Lost Treasure | Free (usually: £1.49)
Merry Christmas! We’re finishing things of with an old school point and click adventure in the Myst and Riven style. Enjoy!