Our network is better than ever, but just how much data flows around it each month? Come with us on a whistle-stop tour through some amazing stats...


Our network is now officially the biggest and best it’s ever been, with over 5000 mobile sites 4G-enabled in the last year alone – providing 4G outdoor coverage to 95% of the UK population. But we know that it only matters to our customers when they hardly notice it: mobile signal is at its best when its working quietly in the background of their daily lives, after all.

And this week we’ve been voted best for voice performance nationwide, connecting calls quicker and with greater reliability than any other provider, and joint first for our overall network across the UK by P3 – one of the world’s leading independent mobile network testing companies – the best network performance by Vodafone in the last 30 years. We’re also the overall winner for voice and data in London for the second year in a row. For you, that means speedier browsing, better quality streaming and fewer dropped calls.

To mark the good news, here are 10 amazing facts about our network to wow your friends with, using September 2016 as an example month in 4G…

Our network by the numbers

1. We use enough monthly data to stream over 20 million Game of Thrones episodes
More than 14,000 Terabytes (TB) of data flew through our network in September. If we round up and say that streaming an average episode of Game of Thrones will use 600 Megabytes (Mb), then that’s enough data to stream all 60 episodes more than 400,000 times!

2. More than 10% of all UK data is mobile, rather than Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi networks may still account for the lion share of our data needs, but mobile is catching up, now making up more than 10% of all UK data in September – and with good reason. Vodafone’s average UK 4G download speed is now a broadband-bothering 12.4Mb per second!

3. Almost 1/5th of that mobile data is spent watching cat videos
OK, maybe not just cat videos. YouTube accounted for nearly 20% of all our monthly mobile data in September, which means we’re spending an awful lot of time each month soaking up vlogs, fails and other viral videos.


4. We update our Facebook feeds nearly 10 billion times a month
Facebook accounts for around more than 10% of our monthly mobile data, which is 1,845TB, or 1,845,000 Gigabytes (GB). It takes roughly 200 Kilobytes (kb) to open the Facebook app and update the feed, which means we could do that almost 10,000,000,000 times every month.

5. Our 4G data traffic figures are now bigger than 2G and 3G combined
Our figures for 4G data are growing all the time, but over 60% of traffic on our network is currently carried over 4G. In fact, we service around 10,000TB of 4G data each month.

6. London is the hungriest place in the UK when it comes to data
Unsurprisingly our capital, as the largest city in the UK, accounts for around 20% of our monthly data usage.

7. We stream the equivalent of 1.6 million songs on Spotify on the tube each week
Each week of September 2016 we soaked up over 5,000GB of data over our London Underground Wi-Fi network – which, if we just look at Spotify, would equate to well over 1 million songs. That’s a whole lotta music!


8. We stream over 80 million Spotify songs a month
Speaking of Spotify, the music mogul accounts for a huge part of our monthly data traffic. Around six per cent of all mobile data goes towards bringing songs to our smartphones, and in September that figure translated to over 200TB of data. Sports fans gobbled up a further 72TB that same month by watching Sky Sports Mobile TV on the go.

9. We stream the equivalent of almost 60,000 Daredevil episodes every month
Netflix officially states that it uses 3GB per hour of HD video streaming, which – with almost 180TB of Netflix streaming going on on our network in September – equates to over 59,000 hours.

10. We love WhatsApp
On a weekly basis Whatsapp accounts for over 60% of instant messaging traffic (not including Snapchat). That’s almost three times as much as Facebook Messenger (which accounts for around 12%).

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