Challenge your plant-based perceptions this #WorldVeganDay with our round-up of the most appetising apps for clean eaters...


Think veganism is all lettuce leaves and almond milk? Then you’ve clearly never tried Food Monster’s minty green chocolate cream bars. Time to check out our round-up of the best apps to download this #WorldVeganDay

21 Day Vegan Kickstart | iOS, Free
Science says it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Luckily for you that’s exactly how many days the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart app has set aside for you! Whether you’re a lapsed vegan or completely new to the meat and dairy-free game, this app has all the recipes and resources you need to hit the ground running.

Happy Cow | iOS, Android, £2.99
Different doesn’t have to mean difficult. Created and maintained by vegetarians and vegans, Happy Cow helps you hunt out healthy food wherever you are in the world. Find vegan-friendly restaurants near-you, save your favourites, share with friends and add reviews. Best of all, you don’t have to cook!

Is It Vegan? |iOS, Android, Free
Sounds like a pretty straightforward question, but have you ever tried to fully decipher the back of a food packet? Meet the app that answers exactly what it posits on the tin. With a simple barcode scan ‘Is It Vegan?’ takes all the hard work out of telling your ferrous lactate from your sucroglyceride and – most importantly – if it’s vegan.

Green Kitchen | iOS, £2.29
No meat? No problem. An extension of the award-winning vegetarian blog Green Kitchen Stories, this app is a must-download whether you’re a seasoned vegetarian, vegan or just looking to lift your leafy green intake. Stunning photography, clear instructions and a handy timer ensure your Instagram-worthy creations taste just as delicious as they look. And – for those with a sweet tooth – Healthy Desserts is also available for £1.49 on iOS.


Food Monster | iOS, Android, Free + IAP
Instantly access over 500 vegan recipes, or subscribe for thousands more. They’re not messing around with this one; it is literally the biggest vegan app out there, and it may just be the yummiest. Search by cuisine, meal type or cooking method, or browse specially curated collections like Decadent Desserts. If you can’t find dinner amongst this lot, something tells us you’re not trying.

Forks Over Knives |iOS, Android, £3.99
US feature film Forks Over Knives hit screens in 2011 and explores the idea that degenerative diseases can be reversed by adjusting our diets to include more plant-based whole foods, and less processed or animal-based foods. This app is a natural extension – literally. All of the 200 recipes are plant-based, with new recipes are added weekly, and it includes tips to help you make healthier eating choices. A good one for vegans, vegetarians or just those seeking to reduce their environmental footprint.

Deliciously Ella |iOS, Android, £2.99
Another app that has evolved from a successful blog, Deliciously Ella is the ideal option for those with special dietary needs. It boasts over 250 easy-to-follow vegetarian recipes – all of which are gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free – as well as 40 recipes exclusive to the app. Split into categories including breakfasts, smoothies and juices, mains, salads, snacks and sides, and cakes and deserts, Deliciously Ella lets you search by recipes, servings or time. But don’t think healthy means tasteless; we’re currently eyeing up the triple layered chocolate cake…

Veganagogo Vegan Travel | iOS, £2.29
Have special dietary requirement, will travel. Don’t let veganism hold you back; with Veganagogo you can speak vegan in 50 different languages! Time to put those humiliating hand signals away. Simply pick from a selection of simple statements and questions, show your waiter or chef and enjoy risk-free vegan ordering the world over.


Vegan Amino | iOS, Android, Free
The social network of veganism – Vegan Amino lets you chat with fellow vegans, share recipes, read the latest vegan news and contribute to the vegan catalogue. Feel supported and share your tips in a place where vegans rule.

Wild Edibles | iOS, Android, £4.49
Why shop for vegan foods when you can pick them straight from your garden? Wild Edibles is the ultimate urban foraging guide with info and pics to help you identify, cultivate, and prepare over 250 plants. Filter by region and season, track your favourite plants and let your culinary talents bloom.


Pepperplate | iOS, Android, Free
With recipes scattered across the kitchen and millions to choose from on the web, finding the recipe you’re after can be a bit overwhelming at times. Enter Pepperplate. Less of a guide and more of an organisational tool, Pepperplate lets you stop the Googling and ditch the scrappy print-outs, to embrace a new way of managing your recipes. Easily import recipes from your favourite websites or manually enter your own, create menus, map it all out with a weekly planner, and manage your shopping list all from a single app. Less admin, more eating – we couldn’t be more onboard.

SideChef | iOS, Android, Free
Launched with a Kickstarter campaign and fueled by food blogger contributions, Sidechef combines over 6,000 recipes with accompanying how-to guides for easy-peasy cooking. Though not strictly vegan, we like the way SideChef layers its step-by-step recipes with cooking technique instructional videos, timers and tips from the recipe creator and community. Its ultimate goal is to help everyone cook better together and, in the spirit of #WorldVeganDay 2016, we say that’s a mighty fine goal indeed.

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