We've rounded up some of the best seasonal distractions to keep you busy while you wait for your pumpkin spiced beverage this Halloween...

Whether you want to turn into a zombie, track one down, or simply get into the spooky spirit of things, look no further than our pick of the best Halloween-themed apps..


Dead Yourself | iOS, Android, Free
Ever wondered what you’d look like as a zombie? Turn yourself into a ‘walker’ with this official Walking Dead app. Simply snap, upload and highlight your best zombie features with over 40 high-resolution zombified eyes, mouths, and props from the must-see series. Halloween profile pic sorted.

Ghost Radar Classic | iOS, Free
Hunt out the supernatural with the original Ghost Radar. Using your phone’s inbuilt sensors, this app scans your surroundings for any sign of lurking spirits. Any interesting paranormal patterns are displayed on screen, while voice alerts will communicate any sounds or words picked up. It’s not strictly speaking a scientific tool, but it’s guaranteed to give you the shivers, all the same.

Bubble Shoot Halloween | iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Free
Strategically fire bubbles from a caldron to clear the screen and level up in this simple Halloween-themed game in the classic bubble-burst mold. Choose ‘challenge mode’ to clear those pesky bubbles as quickly as possible, or survival mode to shoot them before they reach the bottom, but beware: it’s scarily addictive.

Into The Dead| iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Free + IAP
Transport yourself into the world of a zombie apocalypse, and do all you can to stay alive. If you’re after intense gameplay, stunning visuals and high quality sound, Into The Dead by Pik Pok is your Halloween go-to. Plus, 50 per cent of profits from sales of the new Sabre companion in October are being donated to the Tiger Time charity. Guilt-free gaming at its best.

Pumpkin Carver| Android, Free
From gaudy gourds to scary squash, Pumpkin Carver offers endless Jack-o-Lantern options without the mess and risk to fingers. Simply pick your preferred pumpkin, choose your tools and get creative. You can even share your creations with family and friends or, if you’re still keen on the real deal, save your designs for easy reference while you carve up a storm.


MSQRD| iOS, Android, Free
Got your Halloween costume sorted? Gain some inspiration or just have a bit of fun recording animated selfies with MSQRD’s amazing range of virtual masks and real-time effects. From zombies to pandas and face swapping with your friends, MSQRD has plenty to keep you busy. Chosen your horrific new face? Simply record a video message and fire it off to your friends.

Creepy Halloween Recipes + 2016 | iOS, Free
Treat your friends to some scary snacks this Halloween with over 80 spook-tacular recipes, including kitty litter cake, vampire punch and monster brains. Set the in-built brewing timer for perfect results and browse the Halloween costume section for ideas while your creepy concoctions come to life. It even comes with a built in flashlight – handy for trick or treating.

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