We're about to lose light in the evenings, but gain an hour in the mornings. Here's how to take those 60 minutes's worth of time and turn them in 120...


On Sunday, 30 October the clocks go back an hour, marking the end of British Summer Time (BST). That means that by the time you wake up you’ll have 60 lovely extra minutes to fill as you like. But why settle with just one hour when you can have two?

If you value your free time above all else, check out some of these apps that’ll save seconds, minutes and hours every day – they’ll give you the power to turn that bonus hour into two…

Double your time

App/Tech: FreakyAlarm
Use it for… Getting out of bed
Time saved: 9 mins
How many times do you hit that snooze button each morning? Those extra nine minutes may seem essential, but science says they’re actually bad for you. Reclaim your morning with FreakyAlarm, an app which demands that you complete a series of minigames and real world tasks (like scanning the barcodes of objects in your kitchen) before the alarm will turn off. Good luck ignoring that.


App/Tech: Smarter Coffee Machine and app
Use it for… That perfectly-timed morning cuppa
Time saved: 4 mins
Since you’re already up and in the kitchen, why not kick off your day with a fresh brew? The Smarter Coffee Machine will do that for you! Download the accompanying mobile app for Android or iOS and you’ll be able to set a pot of coffee brewing automatically at a certain time of day, ready for when you wake. Night owl? There’s also a mode that’ll kick off the brewing process when the app detects that you’re nearing home after work.

App/Tech: CityMapper
Use it for… Getting out and about
Time saved: 4 mins
Travelling by public transport today? CityMapper is a must. Its headline talent is its ability to tell you the speediest route across urban areas by linking up rail, bus, ferry and tube networks, but one of the best, most underrated features is the way CityMapper tells you which end of the train to get on for your best chance of grabbing a seat, and for the speediest transfer at the next station. It’ll also let you know when busses and trains are arriving and departing near you, helping you avoid standing around in the cold for minutes on end.

App/Tech: Yahoo! News Digest
Use it for… Catching up in a flash
Time saved: 10+ mins
You want to catch up on everything happening in the news each day, but the amount going on and the many differing takes makes things confusing. Sound familiar? You’re not alone; that’s exactly why Yahoo! News Digest exists. Powered by the app formerly known as Summly (which Yahoo! Bought in 2013), YND uses smart algorithms and human curation together to gather information on the day’s top stories, shrinking them down into nine well-informed, short, no nonsense summaries – with relevant pics and video bundled in. Each day it’ll provide two of these summaries: one for the morning and one for the evening, meaning you can stay up to speed without slowing down.

App/Tech: UberEats
Use it for… Lunch
Time saved: 8 mins
Live in London? The world’s biggest cab company, Uber, has recently expanded into food delivery by way of an army of bicycle delivery heroes. They’ll go into your favourite restaurant (there are oodles to choose from), pick up whatever you order from the menu and bring it right to you (within a certain range). Not only will that save you valuable lunch-grabbing minutes, but it might even save you cash: Ubereats has a great ‘recommend a friend’ voucher system that’ll net new users up to £10 off their order. That’s a lot better than trudging to the supermarket pick up a sandwich meal deal.


App/Tech: TaskRabbit
Use it for… Those annoying household tasks
Time saved: 10+ mins
TaskRabbit takes the ‘sharing economy’ model kickstarted by the likes of Uber, and applies it to real world tasks. Need someone to take out your bins? How about to clean the house? Or even build your flat-pack furniture? Every ‘Tasker’ is extensively vetted and each job you book is insured, meaning you don’t need to worry when it comes to letting people into your home. So relax, put your feet up, and let someone else do the hard work for you.

App/Tech: Laundrapp
Use it for… Your mounting wash pile
Time saved: 15 mins per washload
While we’re on the subject of chores, why not save yourself some precious time loading and unloading the washing machine by downloading Laundrapp? Grab the app, book a slot, and a trusty driver will come and take all your dirty sundries away, returning them the next day all fresh and nicely folded. Time to put the dreaded clothes horse away for good?

With all that mobile tech working alongside and the extra hour gained from the end of BST, you’ve now got 120 glorious minutes to spare! Enjoy those hours; you earned ‘em.

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