With just under 150 horror titles in the Netflix collection, we’re taking the drama out of movie selection this Halloween...


Whether you’re up for an old-fashioned slasher or a spine-tingling thriller, you’re in for a treat. And a trick, for that matter. So grab the candy, lock the doors, switch over to Netflix and settle in for some couch-clutching viewing…

Newish and noteworthy

Highly rated and recent, Hush was described by The Guardian critic Benjamin Lee as “lean, scary and skilful enough to temporarily restore your faith in the horror genre.” We have to agree. Living an isolated existence as a deaf author in the woods, you’d think Maddie Young might be just a little bit vulnerable when a masked psychopathic killer shows up on her doorstep, but then again you don’t know Maddie. Cue a suspenseful game of cat and mouse with just the right amount of gore. A must-see psychological thriller for your watch list this October.


The Woman in Black
Directed by James Watkins, Daniel Radcliffe is all grown up in this 2012 cinematic retelling of stage show The Woman in Black. In his role as lawyer Arthur Kipps, Radcliffe is summoned to a remote village to sell Eel Marsh House and settle the estate of deceased client Alice Drablow. What he finds is a community struggling with a sinister presence, and the spookiness ensues from there.

Classic slasher

What’s your favourite scary movie? Released in 1996, Scream is still the highest grossing slasher film of all time, so it just wouldn’t be a Halloween movie list without it. Critics raved about its self-aware, post-modernism, while the rest of us just cowered in our seats. It’s credited with revitalising the slasher movie genre and, of course, inspiring the Scary Movie parodies. Make sure you revisit Sidney Prescott this All Hallows’ Eve for a walk down memory lane.

Sinister supernatural

From the team who brought you Saw, Insidious tells the gripping story of a family under siege. What they thought was a haunted house soon reveals itself to be something even more sinister as eldest son Dalton – played by Ty Simpkins – slips into an inexplicable and unshakable coma. Will he be forever trapped as a vessel for demon spirits in the “Further” world? Only one way to find out.

Paranormal Activity
Young couple Katie and Micah have just moved into their new home in San Diego, California. It should be suburban bliss but, with a name like Paranormal Activity, you can kind of see where things are headed. When a ghostly entity that Katie believes has been following her since her youth resurfaces, Micah buys a video camera, determined to document the spooky happenings. As the titular activity escalates, we watch through the camera lens in the ‘found footage’ style that continues throughout the whole Paranormal Activity series. Speaking of, you’ll find all of the first four Paranormal Activity movies plus the spinoff series on Netflix.

Teen screams

The Craft
Can you believe The Craft is now 20 years old, and that Robin Tunney is 44? Whether that makes you feel old or young, The Craft is a Halloween classic. After moving with her family from San Francisco to LA, troubled teen Sarah Bailey (Tunney) is enrolled in the local Catholic high school. Here she falls in with a clique of teenage witches who wield their power against all who cross them. As if high school wasn’t scary enough.

Creepy gore

Jeepers Creepers
With squabbling siblings, a road trip, a small town and a flesh-eating monster, Jeepers Creepers has all the hallmarks of a suspenseful and gory classic. College-aged brother and sister Darry and Trish Jenner (Justin Long and Gina Philips) encounter a bit more than they bargain for on their drive home for spring break. Shaken after being rammed off the road by a battered old truck, they can’t help but give into curiosity when they see it parked up alongside a ramshackle church with what appears to be a pile of bloody corpses. Big mistake, but great viewing.

A side of smiles

Prefer to scream with laughter? Zombieland’s the flick for you. Starring Jesse Eisenberg as the cowardly Columbus alongside seasoned zombie slayer Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), Zombieland takes us on a ridiculous journey into a post-apocalyptic USA. As the unlikely foursome go into battle against the undead, each starts to wonder if just maybe they’d be better off alone.

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