The Walking Dead is coming back! But what if you can't remember anything prior to that shocking season six finale? Here's everything you need to know...

The Walking Dead is shuffling back onto our screens for its seventh season this week, and we can’t wait. And the really great news is that if you’ve got a NOW TV Entertainment Pass, you’ll have access to every episode as they land, wherever you’ve got a data connection.

But what if you can’t remember what happened in season six? If all that running from the living dead (or the extreme stress from last season’s finale) has wiped your memory of the finer details, allow us to fill in the blanks. Here’s what you need to know…


Season 6: Part 1

Ok, we’re going to assume for the sake of simplicity here that you know the show’s characters and are simply hazy on the key events. Good to go? At the tail end of season five, Rick had just shot Pete dead during a tense town meeting with the Alexandrians, in retaliation for Pete having burst in and killed Deanna’s husband.

Despite tensions riding higher than ever between Rick’s band of survivors and the citizens of Alexandria, their problems soon seem trivial thanks to both an onslaught of walkers from a nearby quarry, as well as a fresh attack from the Wolves – a group of survivors living not far from the town. A battle ensues between the two clans, during which Enid flees, until Morgan manages to convince the Wolves to retreat.

Next up we lose Nicholas, who ends up amidst a group of walkers in a failed attempt to lure a herd away from Alexandria, while Glenn goes missing, presumed dead. Rick tries to save the separated group in an RV, but is attacked by those pesky Wolves again. After killing his attackers, Rick ends up alone and surrounded by walkers in the RV, which won’t start. He eventually makes it back to the town, albeit still being chased.

With the action-oriented opening few episodes over, it’s time to delve into some character development. We learn how Morgan was once a building-torching maniac, before being held captive made him change his ways. It’s also revealed that Morgan now has a Wolf captive secretly in Alexandria. Maggie, meanwhile, tells Aaron that she is pregnant, while Rick makes a few firm friends and Deanna rallies around him to be town leader.

Daryl, Sasha and Abraham have a misadventure in another town involving a hostile band of survivors called ‘The Saviours’ who steal their gear, and then Glenn – who is not actually dead – bumps into Enid out in the wild. The two make tracks back to Alexandria but get stuck behind a herd of walkers, and then the town’s dilapidated clock tower collapses, creating a whopping great big hole in Alexandria’s perimeter. Cue: a massive walker fight. Rick, Michonne, Carl, Gabriel, and Deanna seek shelter in one house, while Carol holes up in Morgan’s place, discovering his captive Wolf.

Said prisoner soon escapes, taking Denise with him. In the other group, Deanna is found to have been bitten, so she makes a brave last stand to let the others escape.

To round this season’s first half off, Daryl, Abraham and Sasha run into The Saviours again on their way back to Alexandria, who tease the arrival of their notorious leader ‘Negan’ – a pretty big deal in the comic books.

Season 6: Part 2

We pick up in the immediate aftermath of the battle for Alexandria, and there’s some serious fallout. Jessie and Sam bite the dust as they walk through the herd, Morgan’s escaped Wolf is shot by Carol, Ron attempts to kill Rick but instead is mortally stabbed by Michonne, and Carl takes a bullet to the eye in the resulting kerfuffle. Eventually, having seen off the Saviours, Daryl, Abraham and Sasha save the day by diverting the walkers with a burning fuel tank.

Two months go by. The gang find and bring back a survivor by the name of Jesus, who hails from the nearby Hilltop group. Looking to trade Jesus for food, Rick’s posse take the straggler home, and there – after a thwarted assassination attempt – the group learn about the way in which the Saviours have been extorting the Hilltop people for supplies, under the leadership of the ruthless Negan.

Rick leads the group on an attack against the Saviours. They kill a few members and rescue Craig – a Hilltop hostage – but soon the alarm is triggered. The following day, while Daryl punishes a captive Saviour named Primo, his walkie talkie reveals that the Saviours have taken Maggie and Carol. Their captors call for reinforcements to try and take back Primo, but Carol and Maggie manage to break free and kill all four of them. Primo claims to be the infamous Negan, so Rick duly kills him too.

Next up for the chop is Denise. She’s killed by a group of Saviours who ambush her, Daryl and Rosita on a scavenging mission. Eugene, whom was already captive, is also injured in the scuffle. Carol also soon finds herself in Saviour jail, having decided to leave Alexandria, for good, unaccompanied. Eventually, Carol, Daryl, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita all find themselves captive, soon to be joined by Eugene, Maggie, Rick and Morgan en route to Hilltop.

Negan then finally shows his face, and swiftly decides that he ought to kill one of the group to send a message of dominance, courtesy of his big, bloody, barbed baseball bat ‘Lucille’. The big twist, of course, is that the brutal finale scene is shot through the eyes of the victim, so we don’t know who it’ll be until season seven kicks off…

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