Got your eyes on a new Apple iPhone 7? Its mighty A10 Fusion processor runs rings around lesser phones, and these are the amazing apps that prove it...

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With every new iPhone comes a new chipset. These Apple-made processors are renowned for being incredibly efficient, and each new generation famously ups the power seen in last year’s model by several orders of magnitude. The new A10 Fusion chip in the iPhone 7, for instance, is 40% faster than the iPhone 6s’ already impressive engine room, and that makes it a whopping 240 times faster than the original iPhone. Apple says that iPhone 7 will deliver ‘console level’ gaming and desktop-style productivity as a result, and we’re inclined to believe them.

Rightly, you won’t want all that power in your pocket to go to waste, so why not download some apps and games that really push your new iPhone to its limits? Here are 7 apps and games that do just that…

Oz: Broken Kingdom | Free

Demoed on the same stage as the iPhone 7 itself, Oz: Broken Kingdom is a classic turn-based RPG with some seriously stunning graphics. Among the upgraded console-quality lighting, and scenes busied with hundreds of enemies onscreen at once, the game now also takes advantage of the wider colour gamut on iPhone 7’s display. That’s alongside musical support for its dual speaker setup, and vibration feedback thanks to 3D Touch.

F1 2016 | TBC


Codemasters’ F1 2016 is another game mentioned at Apple’s press conference, and rightly so: the graphics on offer are set to rival what you’ll find on home consoles thanks to that thunderously powerful A10 Fusion chip. There’s no word just yet on when it’ll land on the App Store, but if the mobile version of F1 2016 can match the quality of this year’s critically-acclaimed console iteration, we’ll be in for a racing tour de force. One to watch out for.

AG Drive | £2.99

If you want to hop behind the wheel without the wait, AG Drive has lightning fast action and incredible graphics in spades. Anyone who remembers the Wipeout series on Playstation will feel right at home here, with AG Drive picking up where the futuristic hover cars of that classic left off. It’s fast, deep, and boy, does it look pretty.

Snapseed | Free

The iOS version of Google’s homegrown photo editor was updated recently to include support for data-heavy RAW image files, making it a perfect match for iPhone 7 owners serious about photography since it’s the first iPhone to be able to capture and handle RAW pics. Editing RAW snaps is no mean feat for a mobile processor, but Snapseed and iPhone 7 make it a breeze. Snapseed even adds a few new tools specifically for editing RAW files, like Structure, Tint, Shadow Control, Exposure, and Temperature.

Procreate Pocket | £2.29

On iPad, Procreate is an industry favourite artist toolbox that lets anyone draw and paint stunning digital masterpieces. And on iPhone? Procreate Pocket is a streamlined, but still fully-featured, version of its bigger brother – one that looks simple but belies a huge amount of power. Use your finger or a stylus to add layers in pencil, pen or paints, blend colours and refine your strokes of genius on the move. It takes some serious processing grunt to handle a lot of info-heavy illustration layers at once, but your iPhone 7 will keep everything humming along nicely. Added bonus: you can even use the accompanying Apple Watch app as a miniature colour palette.

Vizzywig | £22.99

The cameras on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are fantastic, and they’re able to capture some seriously impressive video. So don’t let those clips languish in your camera roll: get them out there! To that end, Vizzywig is a hugely powerful video recording and editing app that’ll turn your vids into works of art thanks to a desktop-rivalling feature list that puts similar apps to shame. Vizzywig’s pièce de résistance? The ability to connect up to 16 iPhones over WiFi and switch between them as you record.

Garageband | Free

A staple in the Apple app library for several years, the mobile version of Garageband gets better with every new release – to the point where it’s arguably now quicker to make a studio-quality song on your iPhone than it is on your Mac. With the advanced A10 Fusion chip inside your iPhone 7, Garageband can handle more tracks and more effects at once without stuttering, letting you pile on the beats, melodies and sounds until your song thrums to its huge, stadium-filling crescendo.

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