Ever wondered what it would be like to have someone come round and take on your chores for you? What about if that person was a household name?


We all want to #BreakFree of our household hassles, but few of us ever dare dream of a celebrity popping round to take them off our hands for us. That’s exactly what happened to Sarah Ward (@tiggsie), however, who recently found herself putting her feet up while Pussycat Doll and Celebrity MasterChef 2015 winner, Kimberly Wyatt, did the cooking!

But how did that come to be? And what was it like being cooked for by a household name? We’ve been speaking to Sarah to find out…

#BreakFree from cooking

Have you seen the news? To celebrate the fact that we’ve recently ditched the bothersome line rental charges on our Unlimited Fibre Home Broadband – and to keep the theme of making life easier – we’ve been asking people on Twitter and Facebook about the boring household hassles they’d like to #BreakFree from…


“I saw Vodafone’s tweet about household hassles with a poll about which was the worst,” says Sarah, “so I responded with ‘what if it’s none of the above?’ and explained that my foot had been in plaster for quite some time and that that was my household hassle!”

That tweet was more than enough to catch the attention of our intrepid Vodafone UK #BreakFree team, who decided to spring a surprise on Sarah in the shape of a celebrity helper for the day. “I was a little bit shocked,” Sarah tells us. “I didn’t expect to receive anything from tweeting, so it was a pleasant surprise! You can check out what happened next in the video below…

So what’s it like welcoming a celebrity into your home?

“I remember seeing Kimberly on Celebrity MasterChef, and as part of the generation who really remembers the Pussycat Dolls I was pretty impressed! She was really lovely in person, too – really down to earth. We were talking about her kids and my nieces and nephews, which was nice. And she actually lives not far from where I grew up!”

But Kimberly was there to help, not just to chat; so she soon got to work cooking up a storm in the kitchen…


“It was an interesting experience,” Sarah adds “Because I work as a theatre nurse the lack of control in the kitchen was a bit unnerving! But it was really nice to have somebody else who’s absolutely fantastic at cooking making me such a nice meal. Kimberly made lamb cutlet with her own barbecue rub, pan fried and baked with a celeriac puree and steamed asparagus, which was drizzled with lemon and herbs and a balsamic vinegar jus. It was really nice to be able to put my feet up for once.”

That’s a big win for Sarah, and another victory against the bane of household hassles!

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