We're back again with our monthly round-up of the best new apps available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone!


Got that ‘new app’ itch? We’ve all been there; every now and then you start to think that there’s probably an amazing new app out there that you’ve just not heard of yet – one truly deserving of a spot on your homescreen. But then you open your phone’s app store and… Ugh. Where do you even start?

Don’t panic. Let our monthly round up of the biggest, best and most beautiful new apps around do the hard work for you. Here are your must-have downloads for September 2016…

Reigns | iOS, Android, £2.79
Looking for a game you can play with one hand while the other clings to a tube, bus or train rail? Reigns is the game for you. And it’s brilliant. Imagine Tinder’s card-swiping UI crossed with the demanding political decisions found in a game of Civilization V, and you’re about there. How long can your seemingly simple yes/no decisions keep your kingdom happy?

(NOW ON ANDROID) Stitch It! | iOS, Android, Free
Imagine the situation: you want to keep or send a screengrab of a funny text conversation but you can’t get it all onto one screen. Stitch It! solves that most modern of problems by letting you create ‘tall’ images that seamlessly combine multiple screengrabs. It’s been a hit on iOS for a while now, but it’s just landed on Android.

(NOW ON ANDROID) Abyssrium | iOS, Android, Free
The beautifully-designed Abyssrium warrants a spot on this list since it too just made the jump from iOS to Android. At its core it’s a fairly simple ‘clicker’ or ‘tapper’ game – the kind which asks you to tap different objects on the screen as they appear to unlock hearts (the game’s currency) to build out the game world. But its distinctive nautical setting and ambient soundtrack make the experience a real treat. The perfect de-stresser after a long day.

Nightgate | iOS, £2.29
Looking for something a bit more visceral? Nightgate is a top notch arcade game that’ll test your reflexes and your make your dexterous digits dance. Your job is to guide a tiny white dot around a network of awesomely minimalist, neon-lit arenas set among the inner workings of a giant computer.

(UPDATE) InShorts | iOS, Android, Free
Calling all time-poor newshounds! InShorts, which aggregates stories and delivers a 60-word view, has been a firm favourite on both Android and iOS for a while, but its new update has added a raft of great new features. Top of the list are a fresh design and a powerful new search functionality that lets you find exactly what you’re looking for within a few taps, but there’s now also the ability to swipe to read the full, original story, too.

(UPDATE) Snapseed | iOSAndroid, Free
Almost every photographer we’ve spoken with here on Vodafone Social has recommended Google’s Snapseed app as their photo editing suite of choice, and now, thanks to a recent update, it’s even better. That’s because – like the Android version before it – Google has imbued the iOS version of Snapseed with the ability to work on RAW image files. That alone takes it from a great tweaking tool to a pro-grade editor, even without its laundry list of brilliant existing features.

Jam Looper | iOS, Free
See yourself as a beatbox extraordinaire? You need Jam Looper. It lets you record four different beats, sounds or instrument riffs, assemble them at different speeds and play them together as a seamless loop. Great for mucking about with, but even better for seeing you through the next rap battle you happen to find yourself in.

Google Crowdsource | Android, Free
Got a few minutes to spare? Want to help Google be all it can be? Its new Crowdsource app wants generous souls with valuable time to spare to help it fine-tune important Google services like Translate and Maps. The more people who help, the better all things Android will be, so why not be part of the solution?

(UPDATE) Fitbit | Windows 10 Mobile, Free
Fitbit’s no stranger to Windows Phone, but its latest update brings the new Fitbit dashboard, bringing it in line with what you’ll find on its iOS and Android apps. The new dashboard makes it much easier to see your key stats at a glance, while it’s now even simpler to reorder each tile to show only the info you care about.

(UPDATE) ProShot | Windows 10 Mobile, £2.29
ProShot is one of the few apps on the Windows app store that’s ever been able to hold a candle to Microsoft’s own official smartphone camera software. Now, though, it’s even more swish. That’s thanks to a full rebuild to make it a ‘Universal Windows Platform’ app – one app built to scale up and down for smartphones, tablets and PCs. It’s also received a smart UI redesign, and it’s added video functionality to an already huge list of pro-photography features.

(UPDATE) Instagram | Windows 10 Mobile, Free
Instagram’s official Windows phone app may have been a long time coming, but its latest update proves that the photo-sharing sensation is keen on keeping all of its apps – on every platform – up to date. That’s because ‘Stories’ – the feature which lets you collate related photos, videos and text into one contextual whole – has just landed on the Windows 10 Mobile version.

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