Got coursework stretching out forever ahead of you? Give yourself a break with these shows, movies, songs and podcasts, all custom-made for students...

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Whether you’ve just started your first year at a new college of university, or you’re returning as a campus hero, it’s the movies, TV shows and music you soak up while you’re there that’ll define your student days.

But you don’t need to spend hours on the communal sofa in front of the box to catch the best in student entertainment – with Vodafone in your pocket you can snack on audio and video wherever you go. Better still, we’re offering a 10% student discount on Pay monthly and SIM only bundles!

To celebrate, we’ve rounded up some of the best in essential student watching and listening…




South Park | NOW TV

As much a comedy student staple now as it ever has been (and, in fact, better with each new season), you can catch the past six seasons of South Park whenever you please on NOW TV. That takes us right up to season 19, which aired towards the end of last year. Perfect late night fodder.

Blue Mountain State | Netflix

Looking for something more attuned to college life? Blue Mountain State has you covered. While predominantly centring on the fictional US uni’s football team, the main focus here is the partying and hazing that students from any walk of life will be well familiar with.

Van Wilder: Party Liaison | Netflix

What if your time in further education never ended? What if you could perpetuate your fun-loving existence forever? That’s the concept of 2002’s infamous gross-out comedy Van Wilder, which sees a very fresh-faced Ryan Reynolds as the titular campus hero who’s finally forced to finish his degree.

Community | Netflix

While Blue Mountain State and Van Wilder glamourise the ‘party-hard’ university spirit, it overlooks the fact that a lot of your time spent as a student involves sitting in study groups looking at books. Much-loved cult comedy series Community fills that void capably, serving up five seasons of hilariously uncool college life.

Student Lifehacks | YouTube

Got five minutes to spare? This video – a simple rundown of useful lifehacks that’ll help you get the most from your limited space, resources, time and funds – could change your life for the better. Trust us: some of these are pure genius.

Workaholics | NOW TV

Your university days may seem like they’ll stretch on forever, but we’ve got bad news: the real world awaits. See how not to handle that eventuality in US sitcom Workaholics, which focuses on three lazy college dropouts embarking on adulthood while keeping the student-life dream still very much alive.


Hipster House Party | Spotify playlist

You’ll never throw better parties than the ones you throw at university. To make sure you get yours off to a cracking start, why not lean on Spotify’s pre-made Hipster House Party playlist? You can always graduate to Spotify’s stellar Party mode – which mixes tracks to suit the vibe – later on.

Intense Studying | Spotify playlist

Of course, parties are only one side of the coin. On the other there’s studying, studying and more studying. It’s all too easy to become distracted while working, but the right soundtrack to your reading and writing can really help. Here’s a playlist tailor-made to help you get your head down.

Back to School | Spotify playlist

Trekking to and from campus? You’ll need more than just music to get you through those journeys. Back to School is a great Spotify-made playlist full of comedy giants discussing the highs and lows of their time as students. Stand out stand up extracts from John Mulaney, Amy Schumer and T.J. Miller help make up its 2-hour runtime in style.

How To Do Everything | Podcast
Further education is all about bettering yourself. So why not take that ethos to the extreme by learning how to do literally everything? This podcast by NPR (The same people behind This American Life and Serial) takes questions from listeners about how to accomplish all manner of tasks and puts them to the experts – whether that’s scientists, sports stars, or celebrities.

TED Radio Hour | Podcast
If you’re hungry for even more learning, you can’t go wrong with TED’s official podcast. Another NPR export, each week’s Radio Hour takes a handful of keynote speeches from the well-known TED Talks stage and brings them together under a collected theme. It never fails to provide eye-opening info – ideal for repeating to your learned friends down the SU.

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