Packing your bags for college or uni? You can get 10% off your next Pay monthly or SIM only bundles with Vodafone! Oh, and you'd do you'll be needing these apps, too...

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Did you know Vodafone UK offers a student discount for anyone studying in any of a long list of participating universities? It’s true! You can grab 10% off a Pay monthly or SIM only bundles or iPads and tablets. Head here to find out how.

But just before you go and grab that great new deal, why not take a few minutes to school up on the world’s most essential apps for new and returning students? There’s a wealth of invaluable digital tools to stock your phone with, whether your aim is to knuckle down, save money, or party hard…

Cruising through coursework

Wunderlist, iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile | Free
At its most basic, Wunderlist is a simple to-do list. But when you start to dig deep? It’s an almost life-changingly rich organisational tool that’ll have you streamlining your workflow like nobody’s business. With it you can add date-specific jobs, assign other people in your group to tasks, chat things through and even use hashtags to separate tasks into easily-searchable groups.

Write or Die, iOS | £7.99
Need to get that monster essay done? The app version of the now infamous Write or Die tool will kill your writer’s block stone dead. Set it to ‘consequence’ mode and it’ll prod you to keep writing at a steady rate, or hit a certain word count by a certain time. Start to slip? It’ll begin deleting words from your work at random. Because fear is the best motivator.

Saving your pennies

Pennies, iOS | £3.99
Got student loan woes? Pennies is budgeting at its simplest and its most efficient, so it should help you get back on track in no time. Its bright, basic design is purpose built to make it easy and fun to track your expenditures throughout each month, helping you budget for the long run by being smart in the short term. Hey, you know what they say about pennies and pounds…

OnTrees, iOS, Android | Free
If your finances need a bit more of a serious going over, OnTrees is the way to go. The app (which also has a fully-featured desktop web version) securely plumbs into your bank accounts, letting you get a nice, clean view of all of your finances in one place. It then helps you plan budgets for every kind of expenditure, and (with a bit of learning) will automatically assign your real world purchases to the right pot.

UNiDAYS, iOS, Android | Free
One of the biggest benefits of being a student (aside from the qualifications, obviously), is your student discount! To make the most of it, and to help make your loan instalments go even further, install UNiDAYS – a portal to savings across a wealth of brands and shops, both in-store and online. Just log in, browse for stores or brands, and you could start saving up to 50% the next time you splurge.

Making new mates

Meetup, iOS, Android | Free
If you want to make new pals but your uni’s societies aren’t up to much, you need Meetup. It’s an international hub for creating, finding and tracking social gatherings, with local meetups happening all the time in every part of the UK. What’s more, Meetups can be incredibly specific. Want to find and talk with people who love that obscure 90s cartoon as much as you? Create a meetup about it! If you build it, they will come.

“Think of Patook like a dating app but for platonic relationships; just sign up, create a profile, and see who wants to hang out.”

Patook, iOS, Android | Free
Still struggling to make new pals? University can be a bit ‘pot luck’ in that regard. Why not take matters into your own hands with Patook? Think of it like a dating app but for platonic relationships; just sign up, create a profile, and see who wants to hang out. Or if it’s something a bit more romantic you’re after, check out the secrets behind the Lovestruck app.

Letting your hair down

Spotify Party, iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile | Free (with subscription)
Planning the house party to end all house parties? You don’t want to be chained to the side of the room planning what song to play next. Instead, leave Spotify’s Party feature (found in the ‘Browse’ section) to it; it’ll ask you to choose a genre and set the mood using a sliding scale, and then it’ll go to work mixing tracks like an absolute pro.

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Drinkaware, iOS, Android | Free
Not to sound like the boring grownups in the corner, but it’s easy to go overboard. Keep tabs on your alcohol intake with Drinkaware’s simple app, which will help you tot up units from a huge catalogue of known tipples. You’ll thank us in the morning.

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