Fear the Walking Dead is shuffling back onto our screens, but what's happened so far? Let us bring you up to speed in record time...

If, like us, you really enjoyed the first season and first-half of season two of Fear the Walking Dead, you’ve probably been wandering around, dazed like a zombie, hungry for more. Well, the good news is that it’s shuffling back in this Sunday (21 Aug) – Yay!

Until then, though, let’s cast our minds (uneaten, thankfully) back to seasons 1 and 2 part 1 for a recap, and to take a sneaky look at what’s coming next…


Season 1

We kick off in Los Angeles with partners Madison Clark and Travis Manawa, and the whole combined Clark/Manawa family – a complicated group with plenty of the usual trials and tribulations that come from bringing two established families together: drug addiction, bickering, rivalries, and the dawn of a zombie apocalypse. As you can imagine, the usual arguments become quickly nonexistent as the family band together to survive the impending collapse of civilisation.

If all this sounds vaguely familiar, that’s probably because it is. Fear the Walking Dead is a prequel to The Walking Dead, so instead of its focus lying in attempting to rebuild civilisation, this series is all about how it was lost in the first place. And, as the outbreak starts to take hold, the family makes a plan to leave the tight confines of LA and head towards the desert. Fewer people = fewer zombies. But of course, riots, cops, and personality clashes only hinder their journey.

A lot of FtWD’s opening episodes leans on this building chaos, and on the misunderstanding of what’s actually happening, while (in classic Walking Dead style) various members of the family routinely find themselves apart from the rest of the unit and in need rescuing. If only people didn’t wander off, right?

“A lot of FtWD’s opening episodes leans on this building chaos, and on the misunderstanding of what’s actually happening…”

The season soon sees swathes of LA quickly divided up into fenced off refugee and quarantine zones manned by the military, but by the end of the first season the army has essentially abandoned all hope, painting the US armed forces as unsympathetic antagonists alongside the brain-munchers.

The big finale set piece comes about as a whole group survivors find themselves locked inside the Memorial Coliseum football stadium with the zombies. That zombie horde is later released by the Clarks and Manawas (and their ragtag friends) as a means to attack and distract a military base so that they can rescue Madison’s son Nick and Travis’ ex-wife Liza. Mission accomplished and the encampment in ruins, the zombies engulf any remaining military personnel. That’ll teach them for locking them all up in the same building.

Our heroes head west to the coast, where they take temporary refuge in a secure mansion. There’s also a boat anchored out at sea, so everything’s looking up. But, wouldn’t you know it; there’s a heartbreaking twist. Liza’s been bitten, and convinces Travis to pull the trigger to stop what would be her inevitable transformation into a zombie.

TL;DR? Check this out instead:

Season 2 – episodes 1-7

Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead begins with the Clark/Manawa horde loading up the Abigail – the name of the boat sitting in the mansion’s dock. Onboard, the family head to San Diego with the hope of finding help from the Navy, all while the Los Angeles skyline bursts into flames behind them. Is it Fire 1:0 Zombies? Nah, afraid not.

Our heroes pass another boat on their way, filled to the brim with people begging for help, but Travis and Strand (the Abigail’s owner) refuse to stop, reasoning that doing so will impede the group’s survival.

Later on, that same boat reappears from the fog – riddled with bullets and the floating bodies of its occupants – followed by the radar blip of the one responsible for the attack. Travis et al flee at full speed, but not before picking up the ghost boat’s log book.

The log book informs them that San Diego has been raised to the ground by the military, so they change tact and head to a nearby island to gather supplies and hopefully evade the fast-approaching baddie boat. As they approach the island they see a light flashing from inside a house; the Geary home. But the Gearys aren’t the only ones on the island: zombies also roam there. Nothing that a swinging a pickaxe won’t fix, naturally.

fear the walking dead season 2

Miraculously, the ship that had been approaching the Abigail has disappeared from radar, meaning our crew can set sail once again. They do so, taking one of the Geary kids with them: Harry.

Strand then wants to sail to Mexico, where we discover he has a fortress stocked with food and water. It’s also the place that his former lover Thomas Abigail (like the boat, see?) lives, and Strand wants a reunion. But their reunion doesn’t last long, since Strand promptly has to shoot Thomas in the head. That’s because Thomas’ adoptive mother and housekeeper, Celia, poisons him to turn him into a zombie. Why? Well… Celia’s a bit nuts; she thinks that the undead are the lucky ones, reasoning that they represent the next step towards nirvana.

The mid-season finale sees the deluded Celia and group member Daniel locked in the house’s zom-infested cellar, with Daniel pouring gasoline over everything and setting it alight.

What to expect from Season 2, episodes 8-15

As with any look to the future, we need to take any rumours with a pinch of salt. But that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate!

In terms of deaths (real ones, not the living dead ones) there’s plenty of speculation about some of the characters we thought had perished not actually being so.

Take Celia, for example. We all think she was burned alive in the cellar, but we didn’t actually see it happen. We all know what that means in TV land: it probably didn’t happen. If you pay attention to the cellar scenes, there’s a drain cover in the floor that she could have easily escaped through. Maybe she did just that and will return to seek her revenge? Similarly, we never saw the end of Daniel, either. Did he survive?

Elsewhere there’s plenty to draw on. During the second season we see a plane crash into the ocean, for instance. But this wasn’t just any old plane; it was Flight 462 – the very same plane from Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462, another spinoff from the show.

fear the walking dead season 2b

Airplane survivor Alex is rescued from the ocean by the survivors aboard the Abigail, only to be cast adrift on a raft later by Travis. Her disappearance only fuels speculation that she may yet reappear, somewhere, rightly annoyed at the whole ‘good-luck-on-your-own-in-the-middle-of-the-ocean’ thing.

And remember that boat spotted on the radar which seemed to be following the Abigail? It vanished, right? But where to? We don’t think that’s the last we hear of that particular story arc, either.

There’s only one thing can be certain for the second half of season two; our heroes don’t find a cure for zombie-itus. Fear the Walking Dead is a prequel to The Walking Dead, after all, which means that his make-believe future is well and truly zombified.

The best way to find out what happens in the second half of season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead is to watch it.